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Miiiiffy, a sweet little bunny.

Miiiiffy, a smart little bunny.

Miiiiffy, a cute little bunny,

Miiiiffy, and friends.

I can’t believe it, Miffy is 60, she hasn’t a single wrinkle or grey hair!  

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Miffy Comes To The UK!

Miffy – the iconic Dutch bunny, adored by adults and children all over the world for decades. I’ve been a Miffy fan since childhood and never really grew out of it. 422 more words


Happy 60th Birthday Miffy! ❤️ 

We have all been children, and I am sure that like me you remember certain toys or characters from your childhood. For me there were many but I remember ‘Miffy the bunny’ clearly. 294 more words

On Trend With Kids

Miffy is back on Tiny Pop

It’s been a very exciting year for Miffy, the iconic white bunny. Not only is she celebrating her 60th anniversary (I know right, looking good for 60!), but she’s now back on TV and ready to entertain. 532 more words



I was young once, too! And that must be enough in the way of excuses. My “fanart” for Fruits basket, Miffy and Hello Kitty. The pages below show Miffy and Hello Kitty battling it out in different genres:) And it’s impossible to miss the matrix reference in the final round. 30 more words


A Dig and the 'Dam

Week 23

Last Tuesday, I headed off for another archaeological dig at the Mellor Mill Dig site, joined by fellow trainees Hayley, Lizzie and Hannah. It was great to get our dig on and chat to the community about the site and the exciting plans for the future. 482 more words

Miffy Turnaround Musical 922cm In

Many business owners are afraid to engage turnaround companies because they fear the first thing that will happen is that they will be dismissed from the business leadership role and ultimately will lose control of their business. 286 more words