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Polemik Blok Mahakam

“Mengakhiri dengan tidak memperpanjang serta memutuskan status kontrak blok Mahakam dengan  pihakTotal dan Inpex (ASING) dengan menetapkan Peraturan Pemerintah atau Keputusan Menteri secara terbuka paling lambat 31 Desember 2012”. 968 more words

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Mighty Migas

There’s currently an egg shortage because of avian flu. Almost 50 million egg-laying chickens have been killed to stop the spread of the disease. The egg shortage is mostly effecting commercial users: the restaurants and businesses making your pancakes, cookies, and, yes, breakfast tacos. 185 more words


Weekend in Austin

A few weeks back, we visited Austin, Texas before all the unfortunate rain and flooding that’s been in the news. It was Sean’s Birthday weekend and he really wanted to see Rush in concert.  127 more words


Café at the Ridge

I’ve lived in the same teeny tiny Texas town almost my whole life. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I found a place that serves an amazing breakfast in my teeny tiny town, and it’s called Café at the Ridge. 700 more words

Kerbey Lane Cafe

Yay! Round Rock now has its own Kerbey Lane Cafe (a bit of a novelty for this town because it is open 24/7). I can’t count the number of late night or early morning visits I have made to the original location in a converted house in Austin. 89 more words


Mother's Day

Mother’s Day this year consisted of what Sarai wants each year: to sleep in and receive  breakfast and coffee. So this year I made migas… 77 more words