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Oh Lord, my God, Jesus
I’ll speak of your Glory,
I will show forth your beauty
If I dance it wont be enough,
If I shout it wont be enough (Repeat) 160 more words


all of life...

Drink in all of life.
Revel in its Beauty and splendor.
Bask in its light.
Purpose in your heart to live for the King
Rest anchored by Him and in Him alone. 80 more words

Jesus Christ

The Ten Commandments -part 4

                                 Scripture reading: Luke 21:5-19

One is only one. Two is no statues. Three is namely.

Happiness is to know that there is one true God and know who he is because he has spoken and still speaks today through His Holy Word. 2,896 more words


Name Above All Names

A lot of folks my age are starting to get married and now, quite a few of them are having children of their own. It’s always interesting to hear what names they come up with for their future kids. 1,103 more words

Awesome God

Heroes of The Family: Giving Is More Than Money

Heroes of The Family:  Giving Is More Than Money

Lesson 59: Instead of money, God may need you to help build a new church, or teach Bible stories to children. 540 more words


Make a Joyful Noise!

It’s March!!!!!
Praise God. Congratulations if you are reading this because you are most definitely alive.
This month shall be filled with things that will blow your mind. 80 more words

Christian Living

A Love That Says I Matter

A Love That Says I Matter

This week our daughter-in-law shared pictures of our grandson preparing valentines for all of his friends at daycare. She mentioned how excited he was as he made each one. 554 more words