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Oilcan Harry and the Washing Machine

Mother was stuck taking us everywhere she went, even to buy a new washing machine just days before her fourth baby was born. She never asked anyone to keep us since that would have insured she had to return the favor and keep someone else’s monsters in return, probably some of our killer cousins. 210 more words


Big Ol' Jet Airliner

In 1942, Mighty Mouse fought mobsters, rescued damsels in distress, and punched erupting volcanoes. Like Superman, he was strong and wore a colorful superhero costume. Unlike Superman (who could only leap tall buildings at the time), Mighty Mouse streaked across the sky like a comet. 450 more words


Mighty Mueller

I admire Mueller very much for what he’s enduring. I can’t believe no one has made one of these. :) Remember Mighty Mouse?

Thank you for doing your job, Mr. Mueller. Continue!


fixed : need to replace batteries in new Magic Mouse

Question :

I am using my friends iMac at this moment, and I get a message “Mouse Batteries Very Low – Replace or recharge the batteries soon.”. 149 more words


Mighty Mouse.

I’ve always been the smallest and weakest in every aspect of my sporting life. I’ve never been able to complete certain routes or successfully pull off a move. 205 more words

December 3 - Names of Jesus Christmas Study Day 3

We are marking the season of preparing for Christmas this year with a family study of the Names of Jesus that will go through Christmas day. 763 more words


Author: Dylan Mcbennet

After George Saint Pierre’s win at UFC 217, it would be easy to call the Canadian the greatest fighter of all time, but is he? 1,438 more words