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GNM Doesn't Settle to Only Treat the 80% and the 20% TMD Cases

GNM dentist are trained to not only to address the 80% group of TMD folks, but more importantly we recognize the remaining 15-20% of difficult challenging cases we often overlook because of our limitations in technique and protocol should not be neglected (ignored). 173 more words


I Record Measurements Between the Teeth

It is great that you and others are measuring muscle responses of your cases. This is a wonderful advancement to the field of dentistry. As you know many do not measure. 300 more words


Let's Realize Electronic Technology Doesn't Diagnose Nor Treat Patients

As some dentists have indicated all these technologies are great and helpful.  What none of these technologies do is make a diagnosis and neither do they treat a case. 705 more words


Ignorance Is Bliss: Individual Normal Occlusion

What you call “Individual normal occlusion” perhaps can also be considered “habitual occlusion” or adapted occlusion or accommodated occlusion.

But technology allows one to see the hidden unseen factors via physiologic measurements to see the problem before it becomes a further problem…Like EKG of heart muscles…one may not “feel” a cardiac problem right way, or observe whether the persons heart is function properly unless one begins to quantify and measure the heart muscles with EKG…it goes beyond dependence of a stethescope. 137 more words


Goodbye Insomnia

I recently listened to a presentation about the many and varied types of dementia.  It is important to me because of my work in hospice care and when dealing with elderly clients in my organizing business. 117 more words


10 Key Questions About Migraines (Part 1)

What Is a Migraine?
Migraine is a type of headache that is often localized in a certain area of the head and is sometimes accompanied by a pronounced sensitivity to light and sound. 172 more words


The Need to Take Scan Interpretation (SI)

by Gregory G. Yount, D.M.D., Mattoon, Illinois

The need to take SI…..Scan Interpretation.

I see the K7 like a piano.  Some will get one just to say they have one.  151 more words