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Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

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will draw it later,’ once they reached the top there was a shriek from all four boys, the sun lit up a long and wide pool of tempting water with a sandy beach. 561 more words


Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

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‘That leaves the plates are they still in the river.’  ‘I’ll go’ said Maurice without any hesitation off he went.

‘Is there anything I can do?’ asked Rupert… 586 more words


Ode to a spanner

Ode to a Spanner

Oh ye metallic works of art

Lying on polished steel service bench

Make haste my friend with all thy strength

My body and innards are in need of your services… 31 more words


Nothing profound today . . .

I can barely keep my eyes open due to a severe migraine.  Already took Imitrex, have to wait at least another hour before I can take any more.  8 more words

Health Care

The Ballad

This is a ballad I learned over seventy years ago during times in the air raid shelters. A man would play the fiddle and we all joined in with the singing and the chorus. 266 more words


Viscount Rupert Blocky Scerial

Page nine

Without a word Ned opened his bag and pulled out a coil of rope, near the bottom of that tree you will find a steel pin driven into the ground and there is a round hole to thread the end of this rope through. 614 more words


Foggy Foggy Gloom

Foggy Foggy Gloom

Into the forest maze we trek

Following a well blazed trail

Searching for the campsite

Faces, a lighter shade of pale

Twinges of fear start to gnaw… 131 more words