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Eletriptan didn’t work

I don’t truly mean didn’t work, but I took eletriptan for a migraine at about 6pm. The migraine had been about an on and off 5 out of 10. 225 more words


Forgiveness Friday: not writing last Forgiveness Friday

This week I would like to acknowledge the holiday I was so fortunate to have with my husband and son last week.  As a result, we put away our phones for the purpose of social media, only using them as convenient tiny cameras to document our son’s first tropical beach holiday. 823 more words


It is Not Just A Bad Headache ...

If you have migraines of any type, you know that the second you say, “I had a migraine this weekend” that inevitably someone will say, “I get bad headaches and I just take a Tylenol and it goes away”. 349 more words

Hemiplegic Migraine

Since it's 2am... and I'm Sitting in the Drive-thru at Whataburger

Bah… been a shit week.

I ended up getting a really nasty headache at work and dipping out before I ralphed. Also, bonus points for not ralphing in my car or office; promptly ralphing as soon as I got home. 143 more words

CBG for Headaches & Migraines

CBG Headease is a blend of essential oils formulated to reduce and clear headache pain.  It contains essential oils that help reduce pain and inflammation, increase circulation, and help to support the body’s endocannabinoid system – specially Helichrysum essential oil, which is one of the few non-cannabis plants to actually contain CBG (read more below). 249 more words

If migraines could talk

So if your migraine could talk what would it say? Mine? Your my bitch!

Seriously I have one migraine once a week where it knocks me out. 58 more words


Post #100

I have a migraine, bad memories in my head, should I still forgive?