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These divide into two groups:

Sumatriptan, Rizatriptan, Zolmitriptan, Eletriptan and Almotriptan have a higher speed of onset.

Naratriptan & Frovatriptan have a lower side-effect profile, and also possibly less chance of headache recurrence. 48 more words


Side Effects Vs. Blogging

I’ve been in a holding pattern of sleeping with of occasional moments of feeling okay.

Most of my mental energy has been going to remembering to take my meds, eat and other essential things. 263 more words


Cartoon motion

Some kinds of headaches won’t go away

Just by lying down and rocking

Back forth back forth back

Peaceful surroundings steadily pass

Each wave caresses the shore… 8 more words


Saturday 23.07.16

‚ÄčI was up and about early this morning and decided to walk to work as a change, had a very quiet morning in work as usual for a Saturday, I was finished at lunchtime and then walked home via my mum and dads, when I got home, Lynne had Heather where home early from the farm, Lynne had a migraine but luckily caught it early enough with painkillers. 84 more words

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