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So, yesterday I wasn’t feeling real well. Got out of bed with visual auras at 10AM. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me show you a clip. 568 more words


I really don’t know how I got through work today. Not only did I work 8 hours, I did 2 hours overtime. I really don’t remember much of the day except the horrible nausea, the type you walk around with a plastic bag just in case, the ridiculous episodes of vertigo, the piercing fluorescent lights, uncontrollable hand tremors, and the moderate pounding headache. 209 more words


Dear readers,

As you probably guessed i am in fact dead other wise i would have posted in the last 5 days. Dieting it seems to have killed me. 163 more words


Participate in the UK's Migraine Awareness Week

The UK will be hosting Migraine Awareness Week (MAW), from September 6-12, 2015. Let’s support them whether we’re in the UK or not. Migraine Action and The Migraine Trust have outlined ways that we can participate: Click… 136 more words


Nostalgia and Heartache

I started watching the series Felicity, starring Keri Russell, last night. Have you seen it? It came out when I was 17/18. As I watch I feel like a teenager again lol. 169 more words


The interim

I received a new follower today and it reminded me how much I really want to document how all of this went down.

So first of all,this entire process created HUGE issues between Joe and I. 533 more words



We have been playing referral tag for Chewy since last week to get him in to see a Hematologist.

Chewy, having already been cursed with Cyclic vomiting, also has a my blood disorder, Leiden Factor V (five). 334 more words

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome