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Dawa-ul-misk Motadil Jawahardar

A multi-purpose Unani pharmacopoeia formulation consisting of herbs, fruits, dry-fruits, minerals and distillates. It has a wide range of therapeutic efficacies; strengthening the brain and nervous system, improving memory and eyesight, curing migraine and sinusitis, regulating heartbeat and strengthening the circulatory system, and providing stamina and strength to the body, especially after illness.


Migraine headache Trigger Elimination Dieting

Scientific research can not describe why numerous migraineurs assert that there is a web link in between particular foods or drinks as well as their migraines, however they do. 43 more words

Migraine Abortive Medications

Source: Flickr Doctors recommend 2 kinds of migraine medications. One type is designed to assist stop a migraine that has already begun. This is called abortive treatment and these drugs work best when taken as soon as the headache starts. 29 more words

Treatment for Multiple Concussions

This question came to me via my blog comments section.

Melody asks:

I’m working on a hockey injury scenario where it’s the second hit to the head in a matter of a week, with a dull headache that hadn’t really went away to begin with (but he kept it to himself). 334 more words

Brain Injury