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how it hurts 11.29.15

It comes with a tightness in my chest and a sharp throbbing behind my eyes, a pounding at my temples, my stomach like a stone. It comes with a skin so thin I feel like I’m going to leak out. 57 more words


Television aerials rattle

To an unseen foe,

Trembling from head to toe,

Tortured to a cloud strewn sky.

Terns attempt acrobatic landings,

Twitching in flight, 69 more words


11-27-15 Yet again I fail

Today’s message read yet two days behind I fail to read it when I need it.  I fail to listen to the message and grow in God’s grace.   142 more words

11-26-15 Why don't I listen

Two days in a row the message was what I needed on that day yet my negativity and depression held me down so deep that I could not even pick up my devotional to read and be refreshed.   104 more words

11-25-15 How often are you thankful?

Today’s message from God is about thankfulness.  I should have read this on the day since this is something I have been struggling with lately.  God tells us today to spend our day being thankful in prayer to him.   68 more words

11-28-15 anger will be my death 

I can’t let it go. It eats at me and haunts my mind. Day in and day out. The things that will never be because they have been stripped from me. 174 more words


If you don’t understand “Chronic Pain”, it is easily explained. Pretend that you have one of those throbbing headaches, almost Migraine.  Then, let’s pretend that it NEVER goes away. 75 more words