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Day 30 #MHAMBC #MHAM  Sharing our favourite blog from the month. 

Today’s prompt inspired me to share a message with migraine advocates and aspiring advocates. It’s a message about what it really takes to inspire hope in others. 426 more words

30 things about my life with migraine #MHAM  

This was started by Kerry Smyres on her blog ‘The Daily Headache’ She asked What’s it like for you to live with migraine?” She then invited readers to participate by sharing their answers. 661 more words

Causes of Migraine

A migraine is a severe ache in the head that may disturb our daily life. Many people suffer from migraines, but ignore it due to their busy schedules. 646 more words


Boom! (Shadorma)

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Possibly the heat

Boom it goes

Hurting deep

Cerebral hammer strikes hard

Just close eyes and run


6-29-15 whispers 

I dread the night. I lay down like I am sleeping but I am awake just listening and waiting for it to happen. Last night was bad. 95 more words

Forward Head Posture

Did you know that for every inch your head moves forwards, it gains 10 pounds in weight?

Backpacks: Children are using backpacks to carry school books weighing 30-40 lbs!, this forces the head forward to counter balance the weight resulting in abnormal stress to the discs, joints and nerves of the neck, shoulder, and lower back. 196 more words


Day 29 #MHAMBC #MHAM What is Hope?

What is Hope?

  • Hope is the time I can walk on my own.
  • Hope is the hour I can talk on the phone.
  • Hope are the moments I can spend with my kids.
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