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Constant Unending Endearing Failure

This morning I felt a little like Sister Maria, running late to rosary in shoes a size too big, breaking my rosary beads in my hair, & otherwise failing spectacularly at basic adult behaviour. 620 more words

Sharing Time

Live Your Life & Advocate

I’m here at HoH

Paving the way for change

Take those old TBI rules out to the shooting range

Because on Tuesday we rearrange the game… 139 more words


A great Thursday – (Posted late on 02/07 from 02/04)

So, I was able to take my client out today after scoring the couple a great brunch; one that would tide this elderly couple over for several hours. 239 more words


Asperger's, Parenting and Unexpected Change

As is well-covered in the literature of autism, people with Asperger’s have a love of routines and struggle to cope with change. What I’ve been realising lately is that this bald statement covers up the nuances of what this means in practice, particularly when you’re the parent of a seven-month old. 1,034 more words

Easy Like Sunday Morning

I like the title, but it doesn’t describe this particular Sunday morning. I’ve had the headache since six last night. I haven’t taken my meds because I hate poppin’ the pills, I hate the high that comes after, and while I’m grateful that the pain stops, I hate that I have it in the first place and all of that hate combined outweighs the bit of peace that comes when the pain goes away.  418 more words

All About Me

Lemon Juice With Salt Can Stop Migraine Headache Within Minutes

Amazing information was discovered that can help with migraines. Apparently there is a natural way that can help stop them in their tracks within minutes. 585 more words


09:09 (28/365)

I have been having migraines last three days. It is never bad at night, but day time is just murder. It is a physical manifestation of the constipation of the soul. 484 more words