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Has my head ever not hurt?

My mood is better than January. That’s pretty indisputable. I don’t feel like I have anything to live for, but I’m totally not in a headspace where I could commit suicide right now. 136 more words


Being a mom with Migraines

Can we just lay it out there? Migraines suck. Bad. they are painful and blinding and nauseating. They wreak havoc on your daily life and forbid sleep from coming. 432 more words

What Caused My Childhood Pain

I’ve often wondered about the root of my pain.  Did something happen to me to cause these migraines or was I just born this way? Was I a stressed out little baby and it turned me into a ball of crazy ever after? 194 more words


Surviving Stress and Exhaustion

Today, I needed a clone!  I needed another person to meet all the responsibilities on my list.  Yesterday, I knew that I needed to step back, breathe, and set my priorities.   614 more words



I hate when people complain and typically try not to because no one really cares to hear it.  But now it’s time for my pity party.   58 more words