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Position and compassion

I went home with a heavy heart today, considering whether to help this migrant worker get his deserved MC slips from his doctor. There was a consideration because I had no guarantee if I was able to obtain the MC slips, because this doctor is notorious for not giving them to migrant workers. 654 more words


Well-known Chinese Saying: People Climb Up; Water Flows Down

Mao wanted an egalitarian China in spite of his ambition to make China the strongest nation in the world. He failed. China remained poor and backward during his reign. 2,216 more words

From poor migrant to house cleaner to owner of 52 properties

THE greatest failure is never to attempt at all. Those words still resonate among rags-to-riches migrants. There was a study done in the United States about people who have become millionaires on their own. 613 more words


Shifting barriers | The Economist

THE pillars of social control are flaking at the edges.

First came the relaxation in October of draconian family-planning restrictions. Now it is the turn of the… 333 more words

China Alert

Be the Neighbour of Foreign Domestic Helpers

It is not uncommon to see groups of foreign domestic helpers gathering at public area in Hong Kong every Sunday. Usually they will meet fellow countrymen on this day when they can take off from work. 495 more words


War is your home

War is your home.
I work with Shan Migrant workers in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

For the purpose of clarity, let’s first distinguish between a migrant worker and a refugee. 717 more words

So called medical aid

Since that story when the Filipino guy passed away and doctor Sh. resigned, the Resort hasn’t find a new doctor. There is a Medical Assistant, a very nice Malay old man who knows what kind of pills to give in case of fever, high blood pressure or headache, but hardly ever heard about any holistic approach in medicine. 440 more words