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War is your home

War is your home.
I work with Shan Migrant workers in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

For the purpose of clarity, let’s first distinguish between a migrant worker and a refugee. 717 more words

So called medical aid

Since that story when the Filipino guy passed away and doctor Sh. resigned, the Resort hasn’t find a new doctor. There is a Medical Assistant, a very nice Malay old man who knows what kind of pills to give in case of fever, high blood pressure or headache, but hardly ever heard about any holistic approach in medicine. 440 more words

Birth's Lottery

This is for my friend, Md Mukul.

He says God gave him this life and made his Papa poor.

My tongue thrashes in confinement of its cave, 273 more words


The True Story of Nacho & Super Bug

Almost a year ago I gave my dad a mission. He accepted.  I wanted to see what he saw.  You can know someone your whole life and one day accept and admit you probably don’t even know yourself. 357 more words


This is a news documentary about a NGO established and ran by migrant women in Beijing.


Migrant worker beaten to death in India

Following allegations of stealing, a migrant worker was was tied up by his hands and feet suspended in the air and beaten for an estimated thirty four minutes in India. 111 more words