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Forms of thievery

In the staff quarters and around there is enormous number of street lights. They are at the full blast on all night from 6 pm when the daylight is still bright until late morning, but who cares if it affects only the electricity bills that the… 391 more words

Fields of Dreams


When things got too bad to tolerate, my mother took my sister and me across the border. We didn’t have papers, so the only kind of work we could get was in the fields. 859 more words


A Word (or Two) About St. Patrick

March 17 2015

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If you would like to join us as we share the Gospel of freedom in Ecuador just click on the picture of our family below! 120 more words

The Other side of the Fence

You can never go home again but the truth is you can never leave home, so it’s alright.

- Maya Angelou

Some of my best, maybe not best but certainly most interesting, travel moments in Cape Town have been spent in minibus taxis while travelling to and from work.

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No sex! Whatsoever.

In its desire to control everything and everyone the company implements new and new restrictions. Though it’s time to make clear that here the only one person takes decisions. 204 more words

Going out

At Berjaya Hills there is a policy: any foreign worker must ask special permission to leave the company’s premises. The so called exit pass must be secured by four (!) signatures – employee’s, HOD’s, HR’s and a security guard on duty. 269 more words