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Darker in the Sun

By Krista Amira Calvo

Forty pound knapsacks, the stench of garlic on leather boots to ward off rattlesnakes, and the scrapings together of U.S. currency stuffed into mayonnaise jars. 1,307 more words


Notes From Prison (Part Two of Two)

Meng Han, October 11, 2017

Continued from Part One

Governmental Dysfunction and NGO Work

In our time of great changes, the term “NGO”—when applied to our Service Center—inevitably has some political connotation. 3,647 more words


Becoming LaChaumette. A Journal. Trying To Find The Good In My Grandfather. 10-11-15

I have learned the name of my grandfather, James Earl Shumate, and yet the search really isn’t over. No, I still have to search, investigate, and try to learn WHO he was. 703 more words


Notes From Prison (Part One of Two)

Meng Han, October 10, 2017

On December 3, 2015, Guangdong police raided a series of labor NGOs in the Pearl River Delta area, detaining several NGO leaders and activists. 2,975 more words


Women’s March Taiwan sends peace dove on International Day of Peace

TAIPEI — To celebrate the annual International Day of Peace, Women’s March Taiwan (WMT) entered a giant peace dove in Thursday evening to Taipei Main Station, inviting passerby to write their hopes and expectations of peace on the handmade dove. 509 more words

Becoming LaChaumette, A Journal. 9-18-17. Eloy, Arizona, A Central Character In The Story

Little Ol’ Eloy Arizona. Not much there today, you go by so fast on I-10 that most people miss it. But it, and the neighboring community/spot on the map of friendly Corners, are SO prominent in this story. 1,653 more words


Naked migrant worker attack may have been fueled by drugs

Her name is Naiara Defelippe and her family says they’re sorry.

They’re sorry the 24 year-old migrant worker from Brazil, with no clothing, attacked a West Kelowna woman in her home… 271 more words