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Migrants in Maramureș Festival

The Migrants in Maramureș Festival was celebrated in the city of Baia Mare Romania. The festival was aimed to celebrate the diverse cultures that exist in Maramures and aimed to encourage mutual acceptance and development by protecting cultural rights of migrants and providing local communities with an opportunity to experience and understand various cultural perspectives.  90 more words

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Oped: Gurgaon Must Resist the Communal Narrative for the Sake of Its Economy

Diversity has been the bedrock of Gurgaon’s economic success, and the incendiary atmosphere created by those who are trying to disrupt namaz will prove to be detrimental to its growth. 896 more words

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EU panic over Italian populism only exacerbates tension

Italy’s populist government did not just fall from the sky — it was elected. And the incoming leaders could prove to be an explosive force for the European Union. 740 more words

Benefit sanctions condemned in 5 year research

Five-year research by universities condemns sanctions.

Report on disabled people here

Research covers Jobseekers, Universal Credit (UC) recipients, disabled people, migrants, lone parents, ‘offenders’, social tenants, homeless people, and those subject to anti-social behaviour (ASB) interventions and Family Intervention Projects (FIP). 898 more words

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Hardline Danish minister declares Ramadan 'dangerous for society'



Inger Stojberg (EPA Photo)

A Danish minister known for her strong anti-immigration views on Monday called for Muslims to take time off work during the fasting period of Ramadan, saying the practice is “dangerous for all of us.” 255 more words


Two pilots spend savings on plane to rescue migrants in Mediterranean Sea

Two French pilots, José Benavente and Benoit Micolon, have bought a plane with their own savings to rescue migrants at sea.

Their first mission on May 12 proved a turning point for rescue efforts at sea when Benavente and Micolon spotted two boats. 306 more words

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Algeria 'abandoning migrants' in desert

A UN agency is warning of an emerging crisis along the Niger border after Algeria began dumping migrants in the Sahara Desert.

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) says it has dealt with almost 10,000 migrants abandoned in the desert since September. 134 more words

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