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Forget foreign aid: British migrants send £11BILLION back to other countries in a YEAR

BRITISH migrants sent £11bn back to foreign nations last year – the same amount as our entire Foreign Aid budget.

Last night one Conservative MP warned that the astounding figure “drained away from our economy” showed that increasing migration is a “net cost and not an asset” to Britain. 69 more words

The EU wants to pay off a brutal dictatorship to help it solve its African refugee problem

On April 19th, an overcrowded fishing boat due for Europe capsized in the Mediterranean Sea. It was the most notorious incident of its kind in a year that has seen a… 2,508 more words


Sardinia sees its own needy rallying to support newly arrived refugees
  • After 90 refugees arrived in one town in the Carbonia-Iglesias province in the southwest of the island, residents quickly brought food, personal hygiene items, cigarettes, phone cards, and more in support.
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Anti-racism training needed by Gardaí and immigration services, study claims

Gardaí and the Immigration services are being singled out as in need of anti-racism training, following a new study.

The Immigrant Council of Ireland interviewed 40 young men aged 16-28 who were born outside the EU, and live here. 21 more words


Italian mayors ban migrants from entering towns without health certificate
  • The mayors of six cities in the northwest Savona province have outlawed entrance of migrants in their town unless certified as disease-free.
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Why Don't They Go Back Where They Came From (LMFAO)?

Not only are we sick of immigrants, but adding insult to injury they come here and do not adopt our ways, expect us to tolerate their ways, they do not integrate, do not leave their mother country behind and repatriate millions of dollars each year back to their home and, worse, maintain allegiance to the mother country (which they have never been to even though GOD has chosen it for them). 94 more words