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One in seven workers born abroad

The multi-ethnicisation of Irish society over the past 20 years has been among the biggest changes the country has ever undergone. From a very homogeneous nation up until the time the Celtic Tiger emerged, the arrival of immigrants in large numbers has made Ireland more diverse than most other European countries, including some with long traditions of immigration. 51 more words

Editorial — A ‘genocide’ at sea

There are bodies floating in the Mediterranean Sea, bodies that fell from ramshackle boats that capsize almost daily.

The bodies are those of people fleeing war and famine and pestilence in Libya or Syria or any of a number of places on the African continent. 662 more words


Opinion: Has the Daily Mail gone too far? An article on migrants in Kos.

An article posted by Daily Mail Online is given the headline: ‘How many more can Kos take? Holidaymaker misery as thousands of boat people from Syria and Afghanistan set up migrant camp to turn popular Greek island into ‘disgusting’ hellhole’ 183 more words

Clash Of Worlds: UK Tourists On Island Of Kos, Greece Dismayed By Syrian And Afghan Refugees Flooding Island

Daily Mail — Boat people from Syria and Afghanistan and British holidaymakers have clashed on Kos – as migrants have turned the Greek island, popular with cheap package deals, into a ‘disgusting’ hellhole. 110 more words


Free news: May 28th 2015

UN chief says EU boat-sinking plan won’t work (Eu observer)

UN head Ban Ki Moon has criticised EU plans to destroy migrant-smugglers’ boats, while urging Europe to take in more people. 362 more words

MailOnline: Come For The Celebrity Gossip, Stay For The Thinly-Veiled Racism

Getting angry at the Daily Mail isn’t cool any more.

As a sometimes-comedian, I know that wisecracks about the newspaper would now probably fall under the broad heading of ‘hack’ – those subjects that have had all the humour wrung out of them like a wet flannel. 1,053 more words

US, Thailand begin search flights for stranded Rohingya migrants

Thailand and the United States have begun military surveillance flights in a race against time to locate stranded Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants stranded on rickety boats in the Andaman Sean and the Bay of Bengal. 91 more words