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Refugee Catastrophe for Mediterranean

The UN, the EU border agency, and Italy are warning that the Mediterranean refugee crisis is exploding. Experts predict that tens of thousands of immigrants are waiting to cross the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy in the coming weeks. 479 more words


Italian police arrest migrants alleged to have thrown Christians overboard

Police in Sicily have arrested 15 people for allegedly throwing 12 migrants overboard during what appeared to be a Muslim assault against Christians on the high seas amid Italy’s migration crisis. 87 more words

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Inhumanity of man - Lesley Saine

Inhumanity of man

Cargo of woe, filled to the brim, overflowing
Packed unceremoniously onto unseaworthy craft,
Risking their lives for a perceived better future
Out of desperation, their last hope… 158 more words

Christian refugees thrown overboard by Muslim migrants on crossing from Libya to Italy, police believe

At least nine Christian refugees drowned in the Mediterranean when they were thrown overboard by Muslim migrants after a row provoked by religious differences erupted on a boat sailing from Libya to Italy. 565 more words