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Migration Agent Australia - Question of the week

Hello my name is S. I am from France and i have applied for student visa and my husband is from Pakistan. I applied on 05.04.2017 till now I am on a bridging visa but i didn’t got any answer yet from the Department of Immigration. 67 more words


Empty Migrations

A soft cloud of dust can barely be seen in the distant horizon. There’s a quiet hum coming from the ground that turns into a stronger vibration. 379 more words

About Our Connected Future, 3: Patterns of Complexity of World Society

  1. One of the necessary big transformations towards the future is the change of view & policies from:
  • to:
  • .

The former approach is still done by corporations and national governments who are panicked by their awareness of loosing grip and facing unsuccessful control of parts of the population that is emancipated enough to think for themselves. 1,087 more words

At Giorgos's after the theatre

The small restaurant erupted in a cacophony of singing, shouting and clapping, Spanish and Syrian women and men dancing to flamenco music between two long tables packed with more Spanish and Syrians, as well as Greeks, British and Eritreans. 557 more words


Why there is no simple answer for the '3 million'?

The latest incident of Theresa May managing to snatch a worse defeat from an already pretty bad one has been the way she announced the “fair and serious” offer to the rights of the 3 million EU citizens who are in the UK at the moment. 573 more words



One of things that I don’t regret and often have to explain to people why I didn’t stay in London, is from the picture above. As a person who share the same ethnicity from the politicians shown above, I am supposed to be proud but rather that is one of the reason I said goodbye to Londonistan. 263 more words