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State of the Union: Weekend Euro News Update

Monday 2nd May 2016

Weekly Euro News updates with developments from over the weekend; this week AfD adopts anti-Islam manifesto at party congress, EU prepares for visa-free access for Turks, and May Day parades take place in Berlin, Paris, Hamburg and Barcelona. 517 more words


The Gayborhood

Many years ago I had a teacher who explained that Renaissance Venice had a disproportionate number of homosexuals. He stated, as fact, that rich old men married beautiful young women, fathered a child or two, then promptly died. 560 more words

Photographing Long-Distance Love Affairs Between Thailand and Sweden

Growing up in the province of Västerbotten in northern Sweden, a remote town far from the cosmopolitan capital of Stockholm, Elin Berge has always been fascinated by the idea of photographing the clash of cultures in her homeland. 1,222 more words

AAN/FES-Studie: „Why and How Afghan Families Decide to Leave“

Nach langer Pause und zur Abwechslung mal wieder ein Beitrag auf Englisch – auch weil die Studie, die wir in Zusammenarbeit mit der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung erstellt haben, bisher noch nicht auf Deutsch vorliegt. 605 more words


Pre-order your GMR6 copy

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Herewith the Table of Contents of the Spring/Summer issue of the Geostrategic Maritime Review , n° 6, 2016… 42 more words

Mediterranean Sea

Geostrategic Focus Series N°4, 2016

The President recently attended the OECD Forum on Integrity on May 19 in Paris and has written a short commentary on the subject of the intricate relationship between migration and corruption. 148 more words


A German Nationalist Party Wants to Ban Islamic Headscarves and Minarets

(BERLIN) — Members of the nationalist Alternative for Germany party have backed a political program that says Islam doesn’t belong to Germany and supports a ban against minarets, muezzin calls and headscarves for women and girls in school. 89 more words