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Plausible Theory

As a genealogy hobbyist, I have found myself drawn to a couple sub-specialties in the field of family research: helping people find Revolutionary War Patriots in their trees, and tracking down family lore. 1,368 more words


Migrants Stuck in Serbia Want to Move On

After traversing several countries en route to the rich West, Najibullah, a former policeman from the Afghan town of Kholm, his pregnant wife and four children, got stuck in Serbia. 550 more words

Crime Against Humanity

The Urgent Call for Frequency Upgrade~

Every once in a while, we humans get this unrelenting urge to make a change, to alter our circumstances in order to make room for a new frequency to make home in our lives and the urge is so persistent that if we do not succumb to it, pain can ensue in our own lives. 22 more words


Szel: Fidesz has rebuilt communism

Leaders of the Hungarian parliament should not allow the ruling parties to make the operation of the national security committee impossible, the co-leader and prime ministerial candidate of green opposition LMP said on Saturday. 291 more words

History of Simdom - Migration II: Deer clan

Deer clan lead them to the same river where Bear clan was. Only, they were on the other bank. So, they also got rather goot at fishing. 106 more words

History Of Simdom

Szijjarto: We didn't let in migrants

Hungary is not admitting migrants, only provides shelter, according to the Geneva Convention, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade told Magyar Hirlap. He stressed that temporary protection which the Hungarian state provides, has nothing to do with mass illegal immigration, and mixing the two issues is deceitful. 277 more words

FLIGHT OF THE SWANS One woman. 7,000 km. 11 countries. By paramotor. WWT's daring bid to fly with one of nature’s great migrations on a quest to save Bewick’s swans.

Sacha’s epic migration saw her cross the wilderness of the arctic tundra, endure injury, brave freezing temperatures, and battle through snow and thunder storms to make it back to Slimbridge. 31 more words