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Is intervention always a bad thing? - David Baldelli

The featured picture is of a road in Syria – 700.000 homes have been destroyed in the civil war.

Listening to Baroness Warsi on the radio yesterday she was keen to say that you can’t go looking at the past and say we should have done this or we shouldn’t have done that. 480 more words

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On Migration

I am the descendant of an economic migrant, a thought that, oddly, only occurred to me for the first time a couple of days ago. Admittedly, my maternal grandfather only left one part of the UK for another. 686 more words


European Migration (Part 2)

Sifting through the Eurostat data on migration, I found an intriguing data set about who’s getting turned back at Europe’s borders. This seemed like an appropriate follow up to the previous post’s emphasis on who’s being let in. 35 more words


European Migration (Part 1)

There’s been a lot of talk in the news recently about the migration crisis in Europe and the huge influx of refugees. I don’t intend to come down on any particular side in the argument, but I think some statistics from Eurostat (the EU’s center for statistical analysis and my favorite data dealer) might shed some light on the situation. 15 more words


Asylum, migration, and the crisis in Europe

The grave situation facing refugees and economic migrants in Europe can only be resolved through the concerted actions of the very countries – and others – that precipitated the crisis. 768 more words



There are approximately 86 species of whales living on planet earth. Whales similar to humans in that they are warm blooded and also breathe in air, they also nurse their young. 349 more words


Dad of Syrian toddler who drowned: 'Everything I was dreaming of is gone'

Two-year-old Aylan Kurdi was born into a country eaten up by war. His parents, Abdullah and Rehen, only wanted a better life for Aylan and his 4-year-old brother, Galip, than they had in Kobani, Syria. 1,734 more words

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