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Why Don't They Go Back Where They Came From (LFAO)?

Not only are we sick of immigrants, but adding insult to injury they come here and do not adopt our ways, expect us to tolerate their ways, they do not integrate, do not leave their mother country behind and repatriate millions of dollars each year back to their home and, worse, maintain allegiance to the mother country. 81 more words

Numpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall

“When I use a word,” Theresa May said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

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Migrants Jump Fences on Calais

“Migrants distrupt tunnel traffic between France and UK,” from Al Jazeera English:

Traffic along the Channel Tunnel connecting Britain and France has been disrupted when dozens of migrants attempted to enter restricted areas of the tunnel in Calais, according to officials.

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Independence: learning to love America living abroad

In our growing-up years, we lived far away from other Americans. Our American schools were 1+ hours from the house (longer if there was a “stau” on the autobahn). 689 more words

Derring Do

5th July 1915 (Monday)

BORN TODAY: in Trinidad – Albon “Al” Timothy, aka  “Mr Excitement Himself”, “King Timothy”, and “Timothy Otis”  – jazz tenor saxophonist.


100 Years Ago Today

One in three Americans would consider moving abroad

Even on this Fourth of July weekend, 35% of Americans say they’d consider leaving the United States for another country.

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