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checkpoint lütten klein, for persons (not) of a certain colour

The AfD had announced it would be setting up  camp in Lütten Klein. I went there to go to ultimate frisbee practice anyway. We were gathered in front of a buddy’s house beforehand. 457 more words


Don’t hurry up. Wait. Prepare first then make slow cloud move.

Most of the organizations are keen on moving their workload to cloud today for several reasons like their IT vision, reduce the spend on hardware refreshes, data center consolidations etc. 649 more words


Where (You Might Think) There’s No Tienda

This fourth installment of the series, “Latinx Foodways in North America,” introduces the work of Teresa Mares, Associate Professor in Anthropology at the University of Vermont. 1,038 more words


Active Directory Script Highlight: Identify Old Computer Objects Before AD Migrations

In the last of my Active Directory cleanup post, I have given you some options to identify, disable, and move User objects based on a certain time of inactivity.  494 more words


Spring REST: returning/accepting collections and HttpMessageConvertors

In prevoius post  I have described some problems what can arise when REST application having collection-based methods is migrated from WildFly to Spring. It was noticed what wrapper classes solve the problems of XML marshalling/unmarshalling in case of migration from WildFly to Spring but carry in another problem – change of JSON representation format. 1,469 more words


The Migration of Greasbro Road Residents

Following the recent analysis and exploration of thresholds within a complex landscape, the scenario has been developed into understanding ‘who’ the actors are within my project and ‘how’ do they fit into the development of the key themes within the project. 544 more words

Field Notes

The Desire for Categories

by Alyosxa Tudor

Recently, a colleague ‘cited’ me in a German newspaper article. He deplored that I refuse to see the murder of Theodoros Boulgaridis, committed in 2005 by a (state-supported) Neo-Nazi terror cell in Germany, as racist. 1,402 more words