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How Should Christians View Multiculturalism?

It’s very popular to speak negatively about multiculturalism in Europe these days, the idea that multiple cultures can thrive and co-exist within the same state. It’s a bit strange since most European countries are democracy, and the idea that anyone can say, believe and live the way they want is quite essential to democracy, but Germany’s… 948 more words

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SD in the News: Innovation, Rents, Top States, and More!

Alright, it’s time to catch up on a few rankings and newsy bits that have dropped in the last month or so.

Which states are the most innovative in America? 317 more words


4th August 1915 (Wednesday)

BORN TODAY: in Berlin –¬†Eleonore “Loni” Nest, German child star actress who ended her career after more than 40 movies at the age of 13, before retiring to the south of France… 65 more words

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Migrants: what we should do

The problem of migrants in Calais seems insoluble and will certainly remain insoluble unless we recognise some fundamental truths about the people who exodus from their homelands to the Jungle Camp and then formulate a solution that is based on the true situation, not on the situation as we would like it to be or as our prejudices may determine. 327 more words

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PowerShell Scripts around the SID

If you ever migrated SharePoint users you should be familiar either with the Move-SPUser cmdlet or its predecessor, the migrateuser stsadm operation:

$sourceURL = " 298 more words

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