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Feature Ideas: Finance

1. Student Maintenance Grants
The effect of scrapping maintenance grants on future students.

2. Gender Pay Gap
Why does the UK still have a gender pay gap? 57 more words

Feature Ideas

Feature Ideas

1. Day in the Life of a Junior Doctor
Following junior doctor strikes and Jeremy Hunt’s announcement to impose new contracts on junior doctors, what is it like to be a junior doctor in the NHS today? 94 more words


The Roundup #27

It’s been an exciting week in the world of archaeology. A Roman arcade has been discovered in Colchester near the Temple of Claudius. It was known to historians previously, having been built in the city in the wake of its destruction during Boudicca’s revolt in 60-61 AD, but it was while the city was replacing an old tower block that it finally came to light. 233 more words

Anti-Immigration, Anti-Assimilation? | Febblogary #13

One can sense the growing hostility towards migrants. In the UK, the US and many other countries, immigration is becoming a greater concern.

A more specific area of concern is the absorption of migrants into the local indigenous population. 653 more words


magic house: dream it and it could happen

Europe used to be my idea of the land of opportunity – the place where anything was possible! But now let’s focus: that place is actually MALTA. 235 more words


I took a shower after 40 yrs and it felt good

Dear Diary,

It a cold-21  degrees day in the 6ix and depression is hugging me.My mind is on overdrive and I just want to go take a run.My only problem is am a single mom and my daughter is at home with me. 223 more words


NATO arrives

Yesterday sat with three other volunteers the surrounding area around us shook for a few seconds. The ground rumbled. It was a NATO plane breaking the sound barrier above us. 300 more words