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It sounds cliched and cheesy, and it is cliched and cheesy

Ferdinand feels like the most inevitable children’s animation of all time. If there was a list of topics and ideas that children’s animation somehow hadn’t reached yet, a fighting bull that didn’t want to fight would be the very top of that list. 253 more words


'Sense8' Star Believes 2-Hour Finale Will Meet All Fans Expectations

Sense8 star Miguel Angel Silvestre believes the special will meet all fans expectations. 231 more words

Foreign TV Watch: Velvet (Spain)

My mom, who is disabled, watches a lot of TV now. I am always looking for new shows for her to watch. There are just so many times I can stand re-watching Gossip Girl, so I have resorted to searching for foreign TV shows. 592 more words


Confession Time

Surprise, I’m gay. Okay, yeah the little birdie has already flown the coop on that one. But it relates so come on it was a little funny, pun intended. 342 more words

Sense8 Cancelled, Heart Broken

Netflix announced cancellation of Sense8 today. To say I’m shocked would be an understatement. How can a show that has so many important messages for the world be cancelled? 508 more words

Velvet Season 4 Is Now On Netflix

¡Buenos días!

As you may already know, my absolutely favorite show on Netflix is Velvet.  Season 4 came to Netflix yesterday, and I have just finished watching Episode 1.   361 more words

Sense8 Season One Review (Spoiler Free)

Originally posted to Facebook on 5/14/17

This is a general review of season 1 of Sense8 and is spoiler-free outside of general story and premise stuff. 937 more words

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