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Emerson's Politics, The Argument Against Political Apathy

One of the most frustrating aspects of human behavior to deal with is apathy concerning politics.  I understand that politics often creates heated tensions, and it’s the most perfect way to ruin thanksgiving right after grandma has finished saying grace and Dad has starting diving out slices of turkey, but it is essential to a healthy democracy that people try to give a damn.  1,251 more words

Cooking from the Heart of Spain

Twenty years have gone by since I read Spanish classic Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes (ack!), and while I may not remember what this hapless knight ate on his travels, I do remember thinking that most of it sounded good. 162 more words

Spanish Foods

When it comes to your performance in future activities.....PREPARE

“The man who is prepared has his battle half-fought”

Miguel de Cervantes

Our role in big projects can make us nervous. They can get us fearful. 101 more words


Infinite Regress

One day in August 1994, my wife and I took our son to meet his new teachers and classmates. It was the first day of prekindergarten. 798 more words

Writing And Art That I Like

Auf der Suche nach einem neunen Genre ...

Zu den beliebtesten Lektüren des späten Mittelalters zählten die Ritterromane, besonders der Roman Amadis von Gallien. Steigende Nachfrage der Leserschaft führte zu einer Flut neuer Fortsetzungen, in denen immer fantastischere, unglaubwürdigere Abenteuer geschildert wurden, die – nach Meinung der Gebildeten jener Zeit – die Gehirne der Leser vernebelten.

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On Don Quixote, Foolishness and Christ

On Don Quixote, Foolishness and Christ

I was a boy at a public speaking competition
the prize: a trip to visit the UN in New York City… 640 more words


Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes

There are two Don Quixote’s.

There is the wise man, dispensing philosophy and wisdom to anyone who will listen; astounding people with his insight when they witness the second Don Quixote, a madman absolutely certain he is a knight errant, pursued by evil enchanters and engaging in combat with giants and beasts. 419 more words