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Rapid Shot!! (Bonus Track)

Requested by Matias, another hype news reporter song. I imagine Aya and Hatate teaming up together here. Very similar to A-Yah-YAh-YaH-YAH!

★ Title: Rapid Shot!! (Bonus Track) 653 more words

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I beat 7 level 9s on a team on Smash Bros. Do you still think this is a fucking game?

Tomodachi Life, QR Codes,

Recently I’ve been quite into Tomodachi life, though it being a bit repetitive after a while; it’s quite a way to kill time. An issue I’ve been having though is finding miis that even vaguely resemble a character I want to add to my island. 96 more words

Animal Crossing

Videojuegos que te recomiendo

¡Hola a todos! Hoy os voy a poner algunos videojuegos que conozco qeu están chulísmos para nintendos Wii y 3Ds ;-) .

1. Animal Crossing: new leaf. 178 more words


My Tomodachi Life: Introduction "Meet the Islanders"

Hello again guys!

Today I was playing my 3DS and came up with a new idea for a series I can do on my blog: My Tomodachi Life! 1,606 more words


Mii App for Smartphones Coming

In an interview with Nikkei, published by IGN, Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata confirmed that a Mii app for smartphones (it was not specified which platforms) is being developed by the company. 121 more words


Nintendo making Mii smartphone app; not interested in games

For anyone who might’ve been hoping to see a Pokémon battle game or a Super Mario endless runner, this week’s release of the New Nintendo 3DS should put those hopes to rest. 47 more words

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