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Miitomo Miis and Review

My friend got the app Miitomo and asked me to join.

It is kind of like a forum just for your friends where the app gives you questions to answer, and your friends can read your responses. 395 more words


Look at Mii…

There are so many boutique beauty brands out there that it can be a rather tricky field to navigate. Each new brand you encounter will no doubt raise several questions, for example are you spending your money on a product that actually works or does something different, or are you just paying for pretty packaging? 1,022 more words



Geeze, it’s hard to think Nintendo’s new application Miitomo is already nearly a month old in not-Japan-world. Here are some of the best Miifotos I’ve made with it, because I need things to post about. 90 more words


Mii Plaza Puzzle Swap| Find Mii

Hey everyone, Atlas is back again with my first game review.  I spent a lot of time thinking about which one I’d like to dive into first and then it came to me, Mii Plaza, my guilty pleasure 3DS past time.  525 more words

Game Review

Miitomo (Mobile) Review

Welcome to the Mii Social Network

In March 2015, Nintendo announced a partnership with DeNA to bring games to mobile phones.  Miitomo is the first app to be released under this deal.  2,255 more words


Social Networking for Anti-Social People: My First Two Weeks with Miitomo

I can’t count how many times my finger has hovered over the delete account button on a social network over the past few years. I managed to accomplish it once with Twitter, but quickly came scurrying back when I realized that it was the best way to get news these days. 856 more words


Miitomo Review

Nintendo has recently embarked on their journey into the mobile market with their new app Miitomo. Miitomo is a social app for ios and android that lets you answer questions, and then sends your answers to those questions to your friends. 817 more words