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TV Review: iZombie S2E12 Physician, Heal Thy Selfie

Babineaux and Liv investigate a triple homicide in which the victims’ heads are missing. A ravenous Liv is forced to eat the brain of a social media-hungry soul who was recently run over by a bus. 200 more words


Deadpool vs. Sabretooth Begins in Deadpool #8!

This March, the Merc With a Mouth takes on the Uncanny X-Men’s hairy, clawed, feral mutant! No, the other one. Marvel has released a first look at… 146 more words


TV Review: iZombie S2E11 Fifty Shades of Grey Matter

Live and Clive investigate the murder of a young librarian who was secretly an erotic fiction writer. Meanwhile, things heat up between Blaine and someone unexpected; and Major is hit with an unforeseen snag in his plan. 222 more words


I've Got Issues -- Bat-Shark Repellent! Oughta Be A Law...

So, did you survive the last couple of days? The East Coast was buried in an avalanche of snow. The Arizona Cardinals was buried in an avalanche of points by the Carolina Panthers. 1,062 more words


Review: Silver Surfer #1

“Fantastic Planet” The Surfer has taken Dawn Greenwood to the end of the universe, and now he’s going to show her the most fantastic planet of them all: Earth! 378 more words


TV Review: iZombie S2E10 Method Head

Liv is crushed when she discovers that the lead acotr on her favorite show, “Zombie High,” has been murdered on set. Meanwhile, Vaughn tests Major’s loyalty; Ravi delivers some bad new; and Blaine receives an unexpected visitor. 138 more words


Weekend Coverage: FF#1

For this week’s cover, we’ll be talking about a fairly recent cover that’s always been a favorite of mine. Anyone who remembers the initial Marvel NOW rollout probably remembers Matt Fraction and Mike Allred’s FF series, which functioned as a counterpart to the Fantastic Four series that also debuted at the same time. 194 more words

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