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Weekly Top 10 Comic Book Covers – Week 5/18/2016

Beauty #7 Regular Jeremy Haun

Dark Knight III The Master Race #1 DF Graham Crackers Exclusive Darwyn Cooke Variant

Goldie Vance #2 Incentive Veronica Fish Virgin Variant… 912 more words


Punch It Into Hyperspace With Your New Look at Star Wars: Han Solo #1!

Everyone’s favorite scoundrel – now starring in his very own series! Marvel has released a look inside Han Solo #1 – the highly anticipated Star Wars… 225 more words


Leading Questions: Looking Up at the Shoulders of Giants

This article was originally published at Comics Bulletin on May 19, 2016.

Every two weeks in a new installment of “Leading Questions”, the young, lantern jawed Mark Stack will ask Comics Bulletin’s very own Chase Magnett a question he must answer. 2,266 more words


Review: Silver Surfer #3

  • Writer: Dan Slott
  • Artist: Mike Allred
  • Colorist: Laura Allred

The first steps towards hyped status quo changes are taken in the Silver Surfer’s 50th anniversary issue, but a nagging question remains: how long will these changes last? 976 more words


Silver Surfer - The Story So Far (#1-2)

  • Writer: Dan Slott
  • Penciler: Mike Allred
  • Colorist: Laura Allred

Silver Surfer is back with a new #1 and #2 issue even though they’re a continuation of the previous series with the same creative team!  1,362 more words


TV Review: iZombie S2E19 Salvation Army

Season 2 ends with Liv, Babineaux and Major crashing Vaughn’s Super Max Rager party, where Rob Thomas performs a song from his solo career. Meanwhile, Blaine reaches out to Peyton for help, which does not sit well with Ravi. 218 more words


TV Review: iZombie S2E18 Dead Beat

Liv and Ravi need help and find an unlikely ally in Blaine; Babineaux and Dale Bozzio pursue a new lead in an old case; sleazy Brant Stone comes to Major’s rescue; Vaughn’s evil side reaches a whole new level of mean. 233 more words