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Carl Dukes Breaks Down The History Of Dukes And Bell

I have often been asked if Mike Bell is a “Hot head”… is he a “Loose Cannon” people ask me.

The answer is no.

He is very passionate about his job and, like me, loves what he does everyday and Mike has a desire to be the best he can be and that is what we strive for everyday. 646 more words


Mike Bell: "Why is the field called a pitch? And just what is a CONCACAF?" Notes from Cocktail napkins...

If all goes as planned Team USA will meet Mexico in the Gold Cup Finals Sunday in Philly. At least I think that’s what’s supposed to happen. 449 more words


Mike Bell: "The book closes on Danny Ferry & the worst owners in town..."

In the end of The Unforgiven, Gene Hackman’s character The Sherriff, Little Bill Daggett says “I don’t deserve this”… Clint Eastwood as cold blooded killer William Munny replies before dispatching him “Deserves got nothing to do with it”. 886 more words


CBS Atlanta's Mike Bell Details The City's Vibe After Losing Game One

92.9 The Game’s Mike Bell of CBS Atlanta joined Baskin & Phelps Thursday to discuss the vibe in the city after losing the opener against the Cavaliers, what happened to Kyle Korver during the defensive break down on the LeBron dunk, what “Atlanta-itis” is, and more. 7 more words


LISTEN | Mike Bell - "WannaBe" (feat. Eman The Heartbreak)

– This has a bounce to it….

Mike Bell is back with his first single from his upcoming project, Full Circle, and it has a dope vibe to it. 51 more words

The Music

Mike Bell

Previously executive producer at ‘Simon’s cat’ but has now started to work with a new company set up in Belfast, called Encycle.

Mike has worked for tandum with Simon for 20 years and after someone illegally put the first clip of Simon’s cat on youtube it people a popular cult fandom. 152 more words

Creative Enterprise

Mike Bell With A NBA Playoffs Preview: Hawks vs Nets... Yeah, We Got This!

We were all hoping Brooklyn would tap out Wednesday night and miss the playoffs. The Hawks would grab their lottery ping pong balls in the very slim chance of maybe stealing a top 10 pick. 841 more words