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Today I drank coffee while I drove to the coffee shop for coffee. It’s that kind of day.

But, since it’s inspiration Wednesday, I’ll try to be inspirational (gulp-gulp-gulp). 55 more words


RG3 fall feels like Deja Va


 The other night after watching RG3 seemingly complete the fall from the player who was going to revolutionize the quarterback position to the player who can’t seem to get out of his own way, it dawned on me that we were indeed watching history repeat itself.  500 more words

Can you decipher what Mike Ditka wrote in this never before seen memorabilia?

Grant DePorter of Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group recently acquired Mike Ditka’s ’85 playbook and was pleased to discover a never before seen note card detailing Ditka’s feelings.   100 more words


Old position. New age 

By Ricardo Lewis

The role of the tight end has changed in the NFL. Some may call it the new age NFL with the emphasis on passing more. 339 more words


Former Bears legend latest to back Tom Brady

District Court Judge Richard Berman has urged Tom Brady and the NFL Players Association to reach a settlement in court earlier today with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell over Brady’s four-game suspension for his alleged role in Deflategate. 101 more words


Why did Jim Harbaugh bring Mike Ditka (sort of) to Big Ten Media Days?

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh took to the podium on Friday for his slot at Big Ten Media Days. His interview covered the full spectrum, from good, old-fashioned football to his marriage. 145 more words

College Football

Jim Harbaugh brought a Ditka jersey to Big Ten Media Days

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh took the stage at Big Ten Media Days armed with a briefcase. Inside: A Mike Ditka jersey he picked up while dining with Da Coach at his Chicago restaurant Thursday night. 6 more words