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Top Ten Tuesday - Holy Cross Takeover

Ooooooh, you guys!  Loomis gave me the Top 10 Tuesday all to myself this week!  In honor of feeling all the feelings for fall, I’m Top 10-ing about one of my fave places to head to in the fall:  Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.   235 more words

I just wanted to do something with him

“I just wanted to do something with him, and between Either/Or and XO, he came down to my studio. I sat him in front of a binaural head, which is this grey foam sculpture of a human head with two specialized microphones in each ear hole that has this incredibly realistic stereo effect. 80 more words

Bottle Up And Explode

What I'm Listening To on 07/15/2017 Mike Doughty's "Strike The Motion"

Album: Yes And Also Yes

Artist: Mike Doughty

Song: “Strike The Motion”

” I move to strike the motion.”

This song has a fun beat and amazing lyrics. 72 more words


20 YEARS ON: Mike Doughty - The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns (2016) / Soul Coughing - Irresistible Bliss (1996)

“The more he releases, the more convinced I become that Mike Doughty has wrung the most greatness from the smallest amount of songwriting diversity of any artist since the Ramones.” – a quote from my man Chris Williams, whose Soul Coughing reviews convinced me to check out the band long ago.  2,587 more words

Album Of The Week

The Tragedy of Defeat

Chris Silva doing what he does best…..Photo by Travis Bell

Whether you have a bit of bad news, a relationship that is morphing and changing into the unknown, experiencing the over saturation of negative news, or your sweet favorite for the NCAA basketball tournament went sour after a tough run…here are some songs for you. 111 more words



“I know I have more indie or alternative tastes to what I listen to than a lot of people, but it’s not smart business to take a big chunk of prime time, where you have the whole world paying attention to you, and then just showing them people who are already famous,” says… 528 more words