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Babies in the House: B.C. to allow infants onto the legislature floor

B.C. MLAs have been known for their occasionally childish behaviour on the floor of the B.C. Legislative Assembly. Now actual children will be able to be part of the action up close. 402 more words


Turning on red light cams to catch speeders a 'tax grab,' say BC Liberals

No matter when you drive, on some of British Columbia’s busiest roads, the provincial government is about to have its eye on you. The province is upgrading existing red-light cameras to monitor speeding 24 hours a day. 500 more words


B.C. government promises crackdown on ticket bots and 'price-gouging' scalpers

Do you feel you have ever been ripped off getting a ticket for a concert or a sporting event?

Well the B.C. government wants to hear from you. 555 more words


Kelowna lawyer questions how Mounties will decide if you’re driving stoned

When the provincial government announced its plans for recreational marijuana earlier this week, the question came up: What tools will be in place to catch drivers who are stoned on cannabis? 342 more words


Northern B.C. community 'scared and angry' after murder suspect Albert Giesbrecht released on bail

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story misstated Raymond Bishop’s family status. He left behind a son and a daughter.

Family and friends are expressing their shock that a man accused of murder has been released back into their northern B.C. 411 more words


Government says electoral reform legislation still has a few pieces to iron out

The NDP are taking longer to introduce election finance reform legislation than expected.

Attorney General and Legislative Review Committee Chair Mike Farnworth isn’t saying when the long-promised legislation will be ready – but that it will be introduced as soon as it is. 146 more words


'We are coming after you': B.C. minister, Surrey mayor warn gangs after 3 shootings in 1 day

B.C. Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth and Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner presented a united front Thursday, after meeting to discuss a recent surge in gang violence in the city. 545 more words