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PERFUME GENIUS - " No Shape " Best Albums Of 2017

From the quiet bedroom recordings on his debut Learning to the subtle ballads on Put Your Back N2 It  to the pop swagger on Too Bright… 609 more words


Perfume Genius's No Shape

No Shape, the new record by Mike Hadreas, also known as Perfume Genius, begins slowly with the track “Otherside”.  Sparse unassuming keys ring as if in an empty room accompanied only by Hadreas’s characteristic croon— one that’s capable of conveying anguish, longing, and disgust- sometimes all at once. 646 more words


Perfume Genius with serpentwithfeet @ The Cedar Cultural Center 5/24/17

I know this show will be way up there on my list of favorite shows for this year. Both artists’ talent demanded complete, haunting, silence from the audience. 367 more words

Live Music

No Shape | Perfume Genius

Sometimes changing the tune even just a little bit is all that’s needed to bring in more fans. Perfume Genius attempts to do this with fourth album  482 more words


Listen to Perfume Genius Explode the Very Explosive "Slip Away" on Song Exploder

Earlier this year, I got to interview Hrishikesh Hirway about his method of interviewing musicians for his podcast, Song Exploder — “where musicians take apart their songs, and, piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made.” Since so much music discourse centers around the album review cycle, artists’ work is often critically examined in through the more overarching, macro form of an album; but this podcast inverts the way we discuss music. 376 more words


Joy Post: This Week's Favourite Media

Nine days into a tricky work schedule, I’m having a rough time not letting my exhaustion get the best of my mental state, which possibly explains the melancholy nature of my “joy” selections this week–but hey, a) it’s nice to know one’s not alone with certain feelings, and b) look! 1,126 more words