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When last I engaged in this milestone activity, I remarked that it had taken me more than a year to reach my first one hundred entries but that the days of such languid posting had long past. 1,759 more words


Do Not Underestimate The Youth, Mike Huckabee

The conventional political wisdom is that young people are either illiterate about politics or frankly don’t give a sh*t. They are more interested in the latest trends and spending time on their phones. 257 more words


Trump says he likes Taylor Swift's music 'about 25% less' after she says she'll vote Democrat

Taylor Swift‘s decision to break her silence on politics triggered a storm on Monday, with even U.S. President Donald Trump weighing in on the pop music star’s remarks in support of Democrats. 1,041 more words


Mike Huckabee Mocks Taylor Swift For Getting ‘Political’: 13-Year-Olds Can’t Vote'

Mike Huckabee thinks the Swifties don’t have a political voice in this country! The former presidential candidate mocked Taylor Swift for speaking out about politics because her ’13-year-old’ fans can’t vote. 413 more words


Christ Revealed Available for Free This Weekend

Several weeks ago I watched a 9-part documentary entitled Christ Revealed, which focuses on the evidence for Christ, and was filmed primarily in Israel.  The docu-series is predominately interviews, but contains a few inside looks at key sights. 261 more words

Current Events

American flight quarantined in Nashville with Huckabee onboard

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Passengers aboard an American Airlines flight, which included former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, were temporarily delayed in Nashville after a passenger became ill early Thursday morning. 246 more words