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Interview With New York Islanders Legend Darius Kasparaitis

Recently, I was able to interview Darius Kasparaitis and discuss his time in the NHL and with the New York Islanders. Kasparaitis was a fan favorite in the 1990s, known for throwing his body around and not caring about getting hurt. 1,263 more words

New York Islanders

Seams Legit: Licking faces in the NHL might be crossing a line, but Marc-Andre Flurry proved that tickling another player's ear is still fair game

Never in my life did I think I’d ever use “tickling” in a headline.

Yet here we are, thanks to Marc-Andre Flury, who has to act like a child out on the ice! 245 more words

Golden Knights complete sweep of Kings, for even greater things

NBC analyst Mike Millbury said Monday night that he will not be shocked to see Vegas Golden Knights expand “further than in the second round.” 491 more words


COLUMN: A Zero Tolerance Policy is a Must

I’m starting this column off with a disclaimer: This is a Penguins site (non-affiliated). We talk about the Penguins or things related to the Penguins 99% of the time here. 653 more words


NBC's hockey "analysis" is insulting to fans

It’s no secret that hockey fans in the United States are not big fans of NBC’s coverage of their favorite game.

They claim the announcers and analysts are biased towards their team (hooo boy you should search Twitter for Caps’ fans thoughts on this), and overall just don’t represent hockey in the modern era, or even come close to presenting things modern hockey fans want to see. 828 more words


An Introduction. On the Draft and Mike Milbury.

Welcome to the inaugural post for Icing on the Power Play! Most of you who are going to read this will know who I am and what I’m about, so I’m not going to bore you with long introductions. 1,690 more words


Washington Capitals Evening News Links: Dancin' 'Round the Milbury Tush and Devils Went Down to D.C.

Final home game of the preseason for the Capitals tonight, the Devils went down to D.C., the new top pair of Niskanen and Orlov, the “Big Cheese” and addresses anthems, the new-look power play, More Milbury madness and much more in this evening’s Capitals links:  537 more words