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Tony Ortega - The Underground Bunker

Mark my words.  Tony Ortega and his unnamed sources will rue this day when they declared Monique Rathbun as fair game and subjected her to intentional libel.

The Un-Forgiven (and why it should stay that way)

There was a discussion a few days ago on an internet forum, that started with a poster talking about Mark Rathbun and Mike Rinder’s accountability for what they did/oversaw being done to children. 2,283 more words

All That Spy Stuff

Mike Rinder, Scientology PI David Lebow in Spokane Running Black Ops Against the McClaughry's

I actually only came across this recently quite unexpectedly when I was looking for something else.

In the comments section of Mark Rathbun’s blog of Mark’s post titled: … 3,976 more words

All That Spy Stuff

Church of Scientology Always Attack, Never Defend

This video depicts strange and bizarre conduct by orchestrated groups of Scientology on the streets and WHY they carry on line that. Outside the bubble it can provide laughter but also a sense of unease. 52 more words

The Scientology Money Project

FILM REVIEW: Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief (Alex Gibney, 2015)

If you thought Scientology was screwed up before seeing this documentary, then be prepared to be dumbfounded by the sheer level of crazy WTFness that will leave you laughing with incredulity one minute, and shaking your head in horror the next. 939 more words

A PI Is Going To Jail For Hacking Scientology Critics, And The Court Doesn't Know Who Hired Him

A private investigator from New York named Eric Saldarriaga was sentenced to three months in jail Friday after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit computer hacking, on charges that he hired hackers to break into 60 email accounts. 656 more words


Private eye jailed for hacking email of Scientology critics and others

A private investigator from Astoria, New York who broke into the email accounts of two prominent critics of the Church of Scientology was sentenced on Friday in federal court to three months in jail. 807 more words