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Scientology in Government

On September 15th, President Donald Trump nominated Jon Adler to director of the DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Assistance. Adler is former federal criminal investigator and served as the president of the… 288 more words

Paul Haggis and Backpage Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega can’t seem to lie straight in bed.  A recent headline on his blog purports to introduce an ‘Open letter to Marty Rathbun’, which is followed instead by a letter written to him by Paul Haggis, shrilly nattering about Marty Rathbun. 821 more words

Karen de la Carriere's Soon-to-Fall "Heroes"

Karen de la Carriere will be the first one to drop Mike Rinder like a hot potato when the shit hits the fan.

Karen De La Carriere

Thursday Thoughts--10 Random Scientology Stuff Thoughts

I got my rights back on two of my historical romances, so I’ve been working on getting those ready to re-pub myself. It’s a helluva lot of work because I’ve learned quite a bit about writing in the last 10 years. 981 more words


Just wanted to give you some examples, and there are many in store, of the animosity people in the Outer Banks have against all Scientologists, no one excluded. 97 more words

Karen De La Carriere

The Tale of Two Dueling Petitions

The numbers on the Change.Org petitions as of August 28, 2017 as of 12:15 AM PST tell the story:

6054 vs. 5304 signatures

Our petition is only 751 signatures away from passing Scientology’s petition: 142 more words