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Mike Rogers On Russia: Put Up Or Shut Up

Former House Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers suggested Monday on CNN that it’s time to move on from the Russia investigations.

Rogers, now a National Security Commentator at CNN, was responding to a question from host John Berman about a Democrat-controlled House possibly re-opening the Russia investigation. 296 more words

CISPA 2.0: Say Goodbye to our Constitutional Rights

Originally published on February, 28 2013 on occupy.com

Reprinted on Truthout

The unrelenting attack on our civil liberties and our privacy continues. Last year we managed to survive an onslaught of legislation that would have destroyed entrepreneurship and free enterprise on the Internet, and our ability to define how we share music, art and information in general. 870 more words


Mike Rogers PT, (FM)AAOMPT, (Hon.)FAAOMPT

I think one of the best things PTs can do when they come out of school… go in a hospital.  Work inpatient/outpatient.  Learn the medical side of things.  

272 more words

NSA Director: Trump Hasn't Told Me To Disrupt Russian Hacks | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

In testimony on the Hill, NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers says the US is not “where we need to be or want to be” on cyber-security and that he feels Putin has learned that there’s “little price to pay” for interfering in the US elections.


Who's in Charge in the West Wing?

Alan Zendell, February 28, 2018

Among all the difficult jobs in the world, I’d have thought being the Marine General in charge of the U. S. 779 more words


TOWOIT #299: This is not about the past

February 27, 2018

Goth Sarah Sanders was a real creep today.

Questions reporters asked her: 2,268 more words


I have been on the band wagon, sounding the alarms that too little is being done to protect the US cyber/ internet systems from outside/ foreign forces wishing to undermine the US democracy. 888 more words

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