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Louisiana is home to unique program to help smokers quit

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – “Do you live in Louisiana and do you attest that you began smoking prior to September 1, 1988? If those things are true, you’re going to be approved,” Rogers says. 354 more words


7th-Seeded '79-'80 Whalers Dominate in Sweep of 6th-Seeded '90-'91 Whalers as Top Line of Douglas-Rogers-Stoughton Combine for 30 Points

The offense of the 7th-seeded ’79-’80 Hartford Whalers totally overpowered the 6th-seeded ’90-’91 Hartford Whalers. They averaged 8.50 goals per game and scored nine goals three times in the four games. 435 more words

Ultimate NHL Playoff

Mike Rogers' secure golden multipart key

You may have already seen this astounding bit of stupidity from the Panopticon’s Mike Rogers:

“I don’t want a back door,” Rogers, the director of the nation’s top electronic spy agency, said during a speech at Princeton University, using a tech industry term for covert measures to bypass device security.

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Great Managers - the key to growing your company

People join companies.

They leave managers.

Therefore to keep you team happy and engaged, you need one thing above all else: great managers.

Not free lunches. 478 more words


NSA Director: If I Say 'Legal Framework' Enough, Will It Convince You Security People To Shut Up About Our Plan To Backdoor Encryption?

From TechDirt, by Mike Masnick, Feb 2015

Admiral Mike Rogers, the NSA Director, has barely been on the job for a year, and so far he’d mostly avoided making absolutely ridiculous statements that his predecessor General Keith Alexander was known for. 1,080 more words


American government's answer to privacy concerns -- Trust us!

Women sense my power and they seek the life essence…But, I do deny them my essence, Mandrake.

The National Security Agency director, Mike Rogers…sought to calm a chorus of doubts about the government’s plans to maintain built-in access to data held by US technology companies, saying such “backdoors” would not be harmful to privacy, would not fatally compromise encryption and would not ruin international markets for US technology products.

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Scaling your business - the 3 Fundamental Barriers to Scaling any company

Building your business can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

For many it can be extremely lucrative.

For others it can be a nightmare.

Does every employee you hire, every customer you acquire, and every expansion you drive actually make you tired? 725 more words