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Did Melania Trump plagiarize from other sources as well? Our researchers say yes

Last night, millions watching the Republican National Convention saw potential first-lady Melania Trump deliver a powerful speech to the delegates that brought on thunderous applause for her husband, and Republican candidate for the president, Donald Trump. 839 more words


Some good - some bad - updates none the less

There is still a trickle at the mailbox and I do finally have the completed set checklist put together and aligned with all of the cards I need to (sort of) complete this set…er complete this attempt and see where it takes us. 289 more words

Sports Cards

I Would Like to Know What It's Like to Write for the New York Times

We hear a lot these days about how poorly certain Americans understand their neighbors, especially when it comes to racial differences.

But if I can’t understand the experience of a person of color, am I any better equipped to understand a great grandchild of Irish immigrants who worked as domestic help in Boston? 466 more words

Novus Ordo Seclorum

Potential MLB Award Names?

Hey baseball fans!

Yesterday, during the pre-game ceremonies of the 87th annual MLB All Star Game, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred officially announced that the AL and NL batting titles have been renamed after Rod Carew and Tony Gwynn, respectively, two of the best hitters in baseball history. 316 more words

5/17 - On This Date in MLB History

1979 – Slugfest Breaks Out as the Phillies Defeated the Cubs 23-22 in 10 Innings.

Several players had big games in this one, as both teams combined for an MLB record tying 11 homeruns. 301 more words

Pioneer/Executive #9, Ban Johnson

Salary caps have always struck me as odd, dare I say un-American. At their best, they seem to help undisciplined owners make fewer mistakes; at their worst they suppress what workers can earn in a very artificial way. 557 more words


Today in Sports History, April 18th

On a Monday evening filled with exciting NBA playoff basketball, NHL playoff hockey and baseball, I thought it’d be fun to look back on the day’s significance in the sports world. 436 more words