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This is an invitation/reply card that I got to make for my cousins wedding. I’ve been doing some dabbling in the wedding invite world lately, but this one was a little bit more fun and playful. 121 more words

A Smith & Smith Collaboration.

This is a little piece that Adam Smith and I put together for the upcoming show at Masthead; First Flight Kite Show. He shot me an email a little while back mentioning that we should collab on something in the near future and I was more than down we just needed to think of something to collab on. 345 more words

NOMNOW stickers

Yesterday I spent a majority of my Saturday night drunkenly cutting out all of these little NOMNOW stickers, (oh yeah, I know how to have a good time) but I woke up and was super pumped on them. 41 more words

Birthday Bash Posters Printed

I’ve been working on this for some time and just trying to see it through to the end and it’s finally printed and in my hands, and it feels fantastic. 169 more words