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Den Tandt: Why the rich will pay more — It's a matter of time

It is the policy lever that, in Canadian federal politics at least, has dared not speak its name. But it is coming. It’s just a matter of time. 803 more words


Three rules for good pundit behaviour, or if you like: how to obstruct the debate on inequality in three easy steps

Inequality is increasing in Canada. Or is it?

A short report on the topic released by a major Canadian bank includes the bold heading “Income inequality has been unchanged in Canada — say what?”. 2,044 more words


Inequality and top income shares in Canada: Recent trends and policy implications

Inequality has increased in the majority of rich countries, but the share of income and earnings going to the top has increased most in the anglophone countries.  647 more words


#S17 is today, and reminds us of the price of inequality

The twitter hash tag is #S17, and using it will connect you to all those preparing for the first anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which of course is today, September 17th. 1,054 more words


Understanding inequality and what to do about it

Inequality has been increasing in most countries, in part because top 1% are capturing a higher fraction of all earnings but also for other reasons. I made a presentation to the Occupied Ottawa conference “ 167 more words


Inequality and Occupy Wall Street 2: the facts are fertile soil

The Occupiers have their facts right.

There has been an unprecedented increase in earnings inequality in the United States, with significant shares of total earnings increasingly going to the very top. 553 more words