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Putin’s Aleppo Gamble Pays Off

A victory in Aleppo will change the course of the war by restoring government control over the densely-populated western corridor. This is why the Obama administration is frantically searching for ways to either delay or derail the Russian-led juggernaut and avoid the impending collapse of US policy in Syria… 1,655 more words

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Stock Buybacks and the Wall Street Sharktank: “A Whole Lotta Stealin’ Goin’ On”

Let’s say you lend your brother-in-law, Pauli, 5,000-bucks so he can get his fledgling construction business off-the-ground.  Then, you find out a week later that ‘good-old Pauli’ has shot the wad playing the horses at Long-acres and buying cocktails for his loafer-friends at Matt’s Mad Dog tavern?   1,659 more words

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TRUTH JIHAD: “Putin is going to cut through these guys like crap through a goose”- Will the New World Order bankster empire accept defeat?

Mike agrees with Putin that the Syrian “jihadis” are mostly mercenaries fighting for whoever pays the most…usually the banksters and their assets including the CIA, Israel, and the Gulf states.-But will the New World Order bankster empire accept defeat? 222 more words

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The Top 5 Aussie Game Shows That Deserve A Reboot

Game shows just aren’t as fun as they used to be. Some still carry the torch, such as the recently rebooted Family Feud on Network 10, and I guess to a lesser extent Channel 7’s… 475 more words