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Tent Tour 2010 #13: Pittsburgh part 3 Howler's Coyote Cafe

Howler’s Coyote Cafe is split into two parts.  One side is a bar and the other is a music room.  The stage is against the windows and you can load in right from the street which is nice.  463 more words

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Tent Tour 2010 #12 Pittsburgh part 2

Woke up at 9:30.  I never even do that at home.  Went back to sleep till 11.  Nice.  rested.  My hotel room is nearly the size of my living room at home.  288 more words

Mike Grutka

Tent Tour 2010 #11: Pittsburgh part 1

I now love Travelocity.

The rain never let up and the drive here was miserable.  For two reasons:  The rain never stopped and my windshield wiper broke, and two, I tried to outsmart the google directions and took a route that appeared to be more direct.  447 more words

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Tent Tour 2010 #10- Home Briefly

I’m home.  Not for long, just about 3 days, but I’m home.  It’s great and weird at the same time.  Part of me is happy to be home, part of me is antsy and energized about going back out, part of me is feeling really accomplished about what I’ve just completed and part of me is freaked out that most of the tour is over because I know how long it took to set up and now I have to start that over again. 789 more words

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Tent Tour 2010 #9 Driving Driving Driving

Six shows in 10 days, a failed mountain climb and torrential rains.  It’s been a fun 10 days so far.  I’ve met a ton of cool people, seen some places I’ve never been before, fell in love with Asheville, NC, slept in my tent, stayed in cheap bad hotel rooms, spent a day in a town that felt like the end of the world had happened and driven.  617 more words

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Tent Tour 2010 #8 Ashland Coffee and Tea

Ahh so I spent the whole day sitting out on the patio at Starbucks, in a mall parking lot, waiting to play at the songwriter night I was invited to at Ashland Coffee and Tea.  853 more words

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Tent Tour #7 Bye Asheville, Hello, um, Ashland?

No post yesterday as I was driving.  In the rain.  Once it started it kept going.  The first 15-30 miles out of Asheville on 40 east was foggy, curvy and slow going.   976 more words

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