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N.B. First Nations dealing with provincial fire bans

Hot weather season in New Brunswick can mean fire bans, and that’s causing some difficulties for First Nations that use sacred fires for spiritual ceremonies. 52 more words

Oscar Baker Iii

Gesgapegiag First Nation saves for 3 years to send students to England

Gesgapegiag, a Mi’kmaq reserve in Quebec not far from the New Brunswick border, which spent three years saving to send a group of young people on an educational tour of England, has seen its investment pay off. 96 more words

Oscar Baker Iii

The Templars in America

Did the Knights Templar reach America? I hear a resounding “no” from medieval scholars everywhere but let’s go through the various theories about how the Templars may have been in the New World a century before Christopher Columbus. 448 more words

Wijikiskw - A Cinderella Story

I was invited by artist Susan Hindle and the South Simcoe Arts Council (Alliston, Ontario) to participate in Gibson Centre for the Arts celebration of Aboriginal History Month and National Aboriginal Day for the month of June, 2016. 399 more words

All My Relations

I grew up in rural Newfoundland. When I was a child I often played in the woods pretending to be a little Indian girl. My mother had told us stories of how the Indians lived off the land and so I would pick berries and pull up ferns to eat the roots. 257 more words

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Eastern Woodlands First Nations

The Europeans weren’t the first ones to “discover” the New World. Prior to Christopher Columbus’ expedition to the Americas in the 15th century, the “New World” was inhabited by diverse populations of indigenous peoples, who had been thriving off the land for thousands of years. 316 more words


The Legend of Glooscap

An important part of Atlantic Canada’s First Nations heritage is the passing down of legends that tell the oral histories of Mi’kmaw culture. The most famous Mi’kmaw story is the… 488 more words