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Kamakura matsuri

Matsuri (festival) time in Kamakura. Under loud chanting, the locals carry a Mikoshi (shrine) on their shoulders through the streets of Kamakura in the outskirts of Tokyo. 9 more words


Japanese Festivals

By Natsuno

I am going to introduce Japanese festivals. There are various festivals all over Japan such as the Gion festival in Kyoto. There are many kinds of festivals all over Japan. 233 more words


The most crowded place in Tokyo? Might be the Kanda Matsuri festival, but it’s still awesome

Even in a city as packed with people as Tokyo, some places, and times, are more crowded than others. So when and where can you find the largest, densest mass of humanity? 783 more words


Tradition in Kabuki-cho

I know what they say, Japan is a country “rooted in tradition”. But after living here for 12 years, I think those roots are politely buried in a tidy corner of society and resurrected for seasonal celebrations. 130 more words



‘Matsuri’ means festival in Japanese and is celebrated by the young, the old and the passionate! As a visitor, you mustn’t hesitate in participating in a Japanese festival, as it is time of celebration, sharing and coming together as a community. 96 more words

Japanese Festival

Photo of the Day: Inked

Tattoo culture in Japan is *quite* a bit different than it is in many Western countries. 149 more words

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