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Portable shrine festival in Yokohama Japan


Gods on Our Shoulders: Carrying the Mikoshi

July 23, 2017

It’s been a hot minute since I last wrote here. Speaking of hot, how’s that delightful Japanese summer working out for you, Erin? 2,283 more words

Living In Japan

Japan: Hachioji Geisha

Even if you have never visited Japan, you must be familiar with Japan’s geisha culture. With their distinctive white face, red lips and elaborately decorated hairstyle, the geisha remain an enduring symbol of Japan. 409 more words


Torigoe Matsuri

Torigoe Shrine would probably be just another obscure little shrine in Tokyo’s shitamachi (“low town” loosely interpreted as the working-class district) if not for one feature: its huge four ton mikoshi (portable shrine). 78 more words


These "Mikoshi Dako" are the badges of honour from a Japanese festival

Rather than hiding the calluses, the bulges on these men are glorified for a very special reason. 431 more words




One of the most important Shinto festivals in Tokyo, and probably the most lively. It takes place in the Senso-ji, on the third weekend of May every year. 218 more words

Things To Do And See

Asakusa! Asakusa!

So anyways, this Saturday, my friend Tommy and I headed out to the Sanja Matsuri in Asakusa, known to be one of the biggest Shinto festivals in Tokyo. 515 more words