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Different Sides

Don’t you have different part of you that not really visible to other people? I do. I think many people do too :o I try to portray it on the photo above with the part of me who likes all cute pink pastel colors, hime lolita style with pigtails and frilly stuff. 177 more words


Fairy is Real!

head: SomeMore – Saebom @ SaNaRae

body: Maitreya – Lara

skin: SomeMore tone 2 (included in mesh head pack)

dress: Moon Amore – Ceres Dress (pink) 90 more words


MIKOTO - Gekka no Uta wa Kage Yori mo Kuroku

MIKOTO – 月下の唄は影よりも黒く
disc 1
01 月下の唄は影よりも黒く
PS VITA「百花百狼~戦国忍法帖~」OPテーマ
02 絶えざる花
PS VITA「百花百狼~戦国忍法帖~」HAPPY EDテーマ
03 蒼い散華
PS VITA「百花百狼~戦国忍法帖~」BAD EDテーマ
04 月下の唄は影よりも黒く(off vocal) 29
05 絶えざる花(off vocal) 33
06 蒼い散華(off vocal)

Fairly distressed

Sometimes ago, chanced upon some jeans material during a fabric sale. It is the thin and lightweight type.

Last weekend, I started to make a pair of jeans for Mikoto. 42 more words

Ball-jointed Dolls

Climbing up and down the stool

…all for trying to see from different levels…photography can be tiring sometimes…(^_^;;)


I <3 chicken

I’ve only eaten chicken this week, ooops.

  1. Rice and chicken with fresh salad for lunch today.
  2. Fried chicken with rice a la Restaurant called MIKOTO, in Kreuzberg.
  3. 14 more words

NEW BAND: zigzag

zigzag started up pretty mysterius and announced their first live (at Shibuya REX on June 13th 2015) even though no one knew who the members were. 46 more words