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In that post I didn’t tell any specific person to kill themselves but OHH NOO U SAID SOMETHING ABOUT SUICIDE THAT’S NOT OKAY 

You know what?

42 more words

Dear Fucknoproffesionalmmd Advice Column #3 (Advice No One Asked For)

Today’s advice is from XxUnna-ChanXx (didn’t know it was 2008). She’s started to have trouble with plsnommd and had written an advice to them, so shit. 214 more words


The MMDC is going too fucking far!!!

As if the same shit hasn’t been going on since 2010

Oh well. It’s not like we’re gonna do anything about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Sky is Up

DayDreaming About Senpai

DayDreaming About Senpai

The first picture’s sky is apparently the realistic one.

If you ask me, the second picture’s sky is a lot more realistic. 23 more words

Wet Turn-off

I don’t think that this will be too appropriate to mention, but what the fuck is up with MMD users on Pixiv and omorashi?

MMD News at 5:30

This is somebitchypikofan bringing you the latest in MMD News. And first off, some MMD’er’s models got uploaded on some Russian websites. We’ll take you to Xandy for more. 136 more words

Sad Hobbes's Day

Not sure if these are from the same person, but this is sad. So many people are now afraid to express themselves however they want that they resort to being like everyone else just just so that they get some likes and comments and don’t get an overload of hate. 77 more words