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too realistic ?

Just right.

i hate you all


Why is THIS Still a Thing?

Maybe it’s because those things are still popular…?

I mean, shit! Have you seen any animation meme cringe compilations? Those things are up the ass with FNAF/Undertale OCs! 34 more words

Ha ha ha ha ha…

Man, I remember when people in the MMD community used to bitch about people making weird/funny faces on models because apparently it’s disrespectful to the modelers or some shit like that- I don’t know. 50 more words

Something, something, Muslims, something, something, stop the hate...

Okay, so this is a standard “Stop the Hate” picture. Some might say that it’s a piece of shit, but OP’s heart is in the right place. 26 more words

I am too old and too tired for this shit.

Excuse me, anon, but-

Since when was this bullshit argument allowed and accepted?! It’s a fucking 3D animation/picture program meant for shits and giggles! It’s not that big of a deal! 31 more words

My Little Pony: Baldness is Magic

It’s not like these are for little children or anything and that the design they made in Taiwan looks pretty close to the original design- 63 more words

In that post I didn’t tell any specific person to kill themselves but OHH NOO U SAID SOMETHING ABOUT SUICIDE THAT’S NOT OKAY¬†

You know what?

42 more words