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MMD News at 5:30

This is somebitchypikofan bringing you the latest in MMD News. And first off, some MMD’er’s models got uploaded on some Russian websites. We’ll take you to Xandy for more. 136 more words

Sad Hobbes's Day

Not sure if these are from the same person, but this is sad. So many people are now afraid to express themselves however they want that they resort to being like everyone else just just so that they get some likes and comments and don’t get an overload of hate. 77 more words


Okay you guys, I love MMD and Photoshop pictures as much as you guys, but

come on guys.

We gotta draw a fine line between… 42 more words

Smelly Nappy Baby of the MMDC

is SodaCat17.

me: //talks about giving away models, doesnt actually give a link out to anybody
mmdc: //calls me a bitch for a week straight…

192 more words

Let's Review a Fanime: NOiSE

Well, this has been a long time coming. When was the last time I reviewed an MMD fanime?


God, two and a half years ago…? 417 more words

Blaze the Big-Ass Ponytail

Let’s compare the human version to the original version of Blaze the Cat.

Now, let’s use our common knowledge about the human body and its proportions. 146 more words