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I Need One Less One Less Problem

I’m gonna give this person credit where credit is due: This person put some pictures of Ariana Grande for reference purposes, and I’m proud of her for doing so. 56 more words

You can now make Miku dance yourself easier as MikuMiku Dance gets greenlit on Steam

http://images.sgcafe.net/2014/12/steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_355869341_preview-1.jpg Sekai Project’s 3D animation software for “making Hatsune Miku dance” will finally be heading to Steam,¬†as their official twitter page has announced that MikuMiku Dance has already been greenlit¬†on the Steam digital distribution service. 13 more words

The Impossible Has Happened


Holy fucking shit…

Me and shine-bright-like-an-api have something in common…

Is this… a miracle…?

It is… it is a miracle…

I'm Pretty Late on This...

On December 13th, 2014, a MikuMikuDance user known as Yuuu-chan passed away due to cancer. In case you don’t know who Yuuu-chan is, I’ll tell you. 245 more words

I've got nothing.



Folks, I’m already out of words for actions like this other than not is this awful, but it’s also illegal. But I have… 23 more words

How to Spot a Child in the MikuMikuDance Community

The child is still complaining about the EITC in late 2014. Don’t get me wrong; rules are pretty important to follow. However, if the EITC is still acting like they were in 2012, then what the fuck makes you think that they’ll suddenly give a shit in almost 2015? 32 more words