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The Bullshit Was Due Today

Today is the International Drama Day in the MikuMikuDance Community, and the punchline is Xalainu. Yes, that Xalainu. And you all thought that this bitch was gone (She comes back like two days later.). 658 more words

Dear Future Jadie,

Today, I will write my song that is in the tune of a song from a shitty movie that I’m still not over.

Dear Future Jadie, 242 more words

So, How's the View?

This picture is really beautiful! The effects are top notch, Rin looks cute, the background fits and everything else fits the calm and relaxing theme well. 39 more words

A Lie and an Illegal Edit

Yeah, Lou totally doesn’t look like an illegal edit of Windows 100% Mayu by Saboten. It better not have any hypocritical rules or anything. 64 more words