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Second Puberty

Yes, when I think of a nineteen-year-old female, I think of DDD breasts and hips so large that the scrawny legs could not possibly carry instead of… 59 more words

Guess Who (Vocaloid Edition)

If I weren’t to have given you hints at all, would YOU have guessed that these were Vocaloids?

Yeah, me neither.

PSA to MMD’ers and artists: When you want to tweak an already existing character’s appearance, MAKE SURE YOU STILL KEEP THE CHARACTERS RECOGNIZABLE!


You have every right to question how little of a life I have, BUT I also have every right to question just how in the hell someone has time to put up celebration downloads for EVERY FIVE WATCHERS.

No de nada

and since there’s a better model than mine and people already are using that one, I think it’s better to take down the dl

English: So instead of giving more variety of models and letting others have more choices to prefer, you’re going to take down your model because there are better people?

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Oh damn! It's been three weeks!

So yeah, it’s been a long ass time since I’ve made a post. I think I realize what my problem is.

I don’t socialize enough. 83 more words

Dear FuckNoProffesionalMMD Advice Column#2

Today’s question is from Rosalie-cx. She asks:

the mmdc community has been filled with drama and i’m just standing here like why? i feel like making a blog focusing on positive mmd stuff but there’s already a blog like that so nvm. 

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