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AR-15 Buying Guide: Technical Details

My advice so far has simply been to purchase a basic configuration from quality manufacturers and let them work out the details. However, at some point we all have to start understanding what we are looking at when shopping around. 3,290 more words


Everyday Carry Pack

Pictured above is the Maxpedition Falcon-II Pack in Foliage Green and the CamelBak Max Gear Bottle Pouch in Foliage Green. 

The Maxpedition Falcon-II is a really hardcore pack, got it just in case there happens to be a zombie apocalypse or when fecal matter hits blades which operate on a rotor. 246 more words


MS3498 Panel Screw Assembly

The MS3498 captive panel screw assembly includes a captive screw, a flange, and a collar. MS3498 panel screw assemblies in conjunction with captive nuts per MIL-N-45938/11 are designed to secure printed circuit boards (PCBs) to panels. 119 more words


First Impressions TT Single (One Point) Sling

I’ll start of with the fact that this is quite a reasonably priced mil-spec sling, the suggested price by the manufacturer is 28.00 Euros and it can be found a bit cheaper. 473 more words


MS21914 Caps

MS21914 pressure seal caps are commonly used on aerospace applications to securely close tubing. MS21914 series caps feature a raised hex nut to allow for maximum torque when tightening. 117 more words


MS20392 Pins

MS20392 series pins are referred to as clevis pins because of the drilled hole in the shank. The hole allows the pin to be secured in place by inserting a split pin (cotter pin) into the hole. 95 more words


Tasmanian Tiger Essential Pack review

A relatively cheap, good quality, small size pack/hydration carrier, covered in PALS/MOLLE webbing . Tasmanian Tiger is a relatively obscure manufacturer but is the provider of some tactical equipment for the German army. 969 more words