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Spring/Summer 2016

Yet another Fashion Month has flown by, leaving us with a lot to think about. Sure, there were tons of shows between New York, London, Milan, and Paris. 2,770 more words


A few hours at the Central Station

Today is my last week of break before school starts. I’ve been thinking of places to visit that I’ve never been to before such as Croatia or Brussels but, it seems my options are limited since it is suppose to rain the rest of the week. 898 more words


Serie A Stadiums- Another Area where Italian Football Lags Behind its Competitors

Last week we wrote an article highlighting the foreigner’s dilemma in Serie A and it really made me wonder about the state of Italian football. After a whole two minutes of deep thought (actually thirty seconds), it dawned on me that the  1,046 more words

Serie A

I reflect, therefore I am!

I reflect, therefore I am! –  Gae Aulenti Square, Progetto Porta Nuova, Main Business District of Milan, Italy


Prada Raw Avenue

Six fashion and design illustrators from around the world contributed their work in a unique collaboration for the launch of Prada Raw Avenue, the brand’s newest venture in eyewear. 248 more words


一個人出走歐遊52天(意大利篇) ~ 20 Jul 2015 ~ Day 16 ~ 莊嚴的米蘭大教堂

17:11到達Duomo站,步出地鐵站口,就見到莊嚴的米蘭大教堂Duomo di Milano。第一個感覺是好震撼!好大,應該比西班牙的聖家堂還要大!白色的大教堂已經攻佔我的靈魂,拍攝一會,已經有黑人來煩擾(從網上的資料已略知一二),親歷其景就更加煩!!!這邊一個給你雀栗,十秒鐘前拒絕了,轉身就走,十秒鐘後另一個就來給你幸運手繩,令我要左閃右避,想靜靜地拍照也不行,真是煩死人了!


跑去另一邊買飛(大教堂正面的左手邊),又跑返入口(大教堂正面右手邊),進入教堂借audio guide,職員說接近閉門時間所以唔借了…咁都得!?算了吧,快步周圍看看,大堂好宏偉,好莊嚴,比起其他著名教堂,這裡比較寧靜(非常難得),旁邊有應該是以前主教的棺木,向右前方走會見到一個肌肉人雕像,好恐怖,不知道是什麼人,再向前走就可以落地下室,見到應該是一個辦公室同一位主教的棺木,他的地位應該是最高吧。