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11 Things You Should Probably Know Before Hanging Out With Me.

1) I am remarkably untidy. It’s not deliberate, but simply the result of a combination of not really giving a toss, and having an almost unbelievably bad short term memory when it comes to completing tasks like… 909 more words


Becoming Dad

I could see his legs twitching under the sheets. He could only communicate by humming or sighing and he hadn’t opened his eyes for hours. It was late afternoon in early February, seven years ago, and Dad hadn’t been out of bed for days. 531 more words

At the temple

Enter at own risk

You mild-mannered friendly labourer

with soft tongue, generous spirit

as impatient, foul-mouthed,

aggressive they stand.

And kneel before an altar, any… 13 more words


Fwd: This is not a forward

There it sits, smugly in your inbox. It always seems to pop in at the right time…like it knew. Like it knew its presence was required or its intrusion tolerated. 434 more words


Mild Mannered: Believeland

With Beavis and Butthead coming back to a couch near you soon, one can only wonder what they’ll critique. MTV airs the same six videos at 3am, leaving the duo lost. 207 more words


Astor Dinnesdale

            Astor Dinnesdale sat primly at his dining room table, eating his frozen dinner that he had microwaved.  He sipped slowly from a glass of chardonnay, a California vintage that had been on sale at the grocery store. 2,766 more words

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