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I’ve been mulling this over for quite some time recently; my dissertation for my degree has been part of my new shift in workload and it has presented to me new ideas and problems to deal with, and has caused me wonder in regards to storytelling. 563 more words

Drawing Attention: Don't Miss the Glittering Mildred Awards

What joy it is to win a prize

Better still than words of praise

A shining trophy upon which to gaze

Proudly my stunning statuette… 275 more words


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This time last week, the whole world was getting ready for "The Mildred Awards." What's that? You've never heard of them? Where have you been for the last week? I am so very honoured, not only by the great response I had to The Mildred Awards but, by how much everyone seemed to enjoy the event. Then, this morning, came the icing on top of the cake. My wonderful blogging friend, Maria Brinkley, did a sketch of the Mildred Award she won last week, and duly posted the result on her blog. I could not resist in re-blogging her post so that you could all see the 'Mildred Award', and how very talented Maria is. Please pay her blog a visit and you'll see exactly what I am talking about. I can guarantee that should you decide to follow her blog, you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much, Maria, and congratulations on your Mildred Award.

Forget About The Oscars, Welcome To The Mildreds!

“And now I’m handing you over to Ben D Itinhalf and Hazel Knutt for a quick look at who is arriving at the Brighton Dome Theatre for the first annual Mildred Awards ceremony.” 1,136 more words


It's Just a Name

As I begin compiling stories of my maternal grandmother I am immediately absorbed in my first quandary of mis-information. Her name on the Social Security Death Index states, “Sarah B. 337 more words