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Mildred Pierce Original Movie Poster, Linen Backed - 1945

Mildred Pierce Original Movie Poster, Linen Backed – 1945

A terrific movie and a great looking poster. Joan Crawford in her seminal role as she captured that year’s Academy Award for Best Actress. 20 more words

'Loving' - Movie Review: Joel Edgerton & Ruth Negga Are Worthy Of Awards Consideration

| Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple, are sentenced to prison in Virginia in 1958 for getting married.

Richard Loving loved his wife Mildred and she loved him but never once in the movie do they say “I love you,” in words. 518 more words



So last night I went to a screening of Loving. It was released on November 4th but since LA is behind the times, it won’t be released here until the 23rd. 176 more words


Mildred had a thousand questions for the Face of Everyman.  She had never been more than a mile from the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa.  Now she was expected to be in Stockholm in December to receive some kind of award that she couldn’t recall having heard of before.  45 more words