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About my grandma. Remember it? She died yesterday afternoon. Family’s now flying in and the next week (at least) will be spent working on everything we have to do. 16 more words


The first brand new character introduced in Outcast‘s second episode promises interesting developments, if the show follows the comics’ main story. In (I Remember) When She Loved Me… 777 more words



Mildred is the matriarch of an outlaw band of wild guinea pigs.  She is clever, intelligent and a fierce fighter.   She has gone up against wild dogs, raccoons and more than one possum and she has the scars to prove it.   250 more words


Book Review:Nancy Drew #47 The Mysterious Mannequin

Okay so recently I picked up this book for some vacation reading and found it quite engrossing…..so I thought about preparing a book review for it…..below is the same for you to read :) 198 more words

Fahrenheit 451 Review

Author: Ray Bradbury
Genres: Classics, Sci-Fi, Dystopian
Originally Published: October 1, 1953
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Retail Price: $15.99 US
Page Count: 158
Received: Library Giveaway… 808 more words


Materialism in a Dystopia

I wrote this in order to show people how their materialism may be more rooted in their lives than they may think. Enjoy!

In the novel, … 989 more words