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Plot: Receiving lots of Vee pressure from her friends, Vee Delmonico decides to join an online game called Nerve. This game allows people to be a watcher or a player and if you’re a player you have to do a series of dares. 306 more words

Adaptation #172: The Nerve to Be Anonymous

Jenn and Kendyl discuss the pros and cons of Nerve (2016), the film adaptation of Jeanne Ryan’s novel.

Question of the Week: Could there be a sequel to this film? 108 more words



Nerve is the film based on Jeanne Ryan’s novel of the same name. In it people take part in a game where watchers give them dares to complete for money in the hopes of reaching the final two. 638 more words



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Director : Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman
Cast : Emma Roberts, Dave Franco, Juliette Lewis, Emily Meade, Miles Heizer, Colson “Machine Gun Kelly” Barker, Kimiko Glenn… 833 more words

Nerve: Film Review

Nerve definitely has a very exciting, original and contemporary concept that I genuinely believe could happen in real life. It’s just a shame that the movie didn’t fully capitalise on that core idea and has many great moments but is lacking a certain something. 446 more words


Flash Movie Review: Nerve

They said they did not like playing with me because I was no fun whenever we would play this game. The reason I was no fun to them is because I never took the dare, always picking truth. 489 more words


Nerve - 6

I was actually waiting for this movie. You can call it a bit of a guilty pleasure – more because Dave Franco was in it and he wasn’t doing comedy. 309 more words

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