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"Bleed for This"



With an infamous reputation for being an obnoxious jerk who is difficult to work with, actor Miles Teller has something to prove — and it shows throughout his impressive, heartfelt, and organic performance as real-life boxer… 432 more words

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Mary Lake, 8 OT football game, pickleball all part of grab bag column

As a sports columnist, I get information and requests for coverage from all angles: Phone calls, emails, tweets and even the occasional written letter.

I collect them all and put them in what I call my “story refrigerator.” Based on the combination of timeliness or newsworthiness some are placed in the easily accessed front of the fridge, with an urgent “use by” date. 750 more words


Bleed For This

“Some hits, you don’t have to take.”

That time of year is here again, boys and girls. It’s “based on a true story” season. That time of year where we are all forced to sit and watch as many and varied true stories that are paraded out in front us to stare at, mope over and guess which one will be winning an award for its excellent depiction of a story no-one ever heard of before release weekend. 810 more words


Bleed for This Review

Since his electrifying showing in Damien Chazelle’s monumentally good Whiplash, Miles Teller has struggled to find a follow up worthy of his talents. Stuck in awful franchise fodder like… 630 more words

Review: War Dogs (2016)

by Katia Kutsenko

War Dogs is not an innovative movie, nor a first of its kind. It is not the first time we see a film aiming to unite both the dramatic, the comic and the emotional vectors. 606 more words


Bleed For This


Bleed For This was by no means a knockout with audiences, but it may still have you out for the count within the opening forty-five minutes. 703 more words

From near-death to the silver screen – meet Hollywood’s biggest rising star

Surviving a near fatal car crash at the age of 20 and losing two of your best friends is enough to derail most of us. But not Miles Teller. 728 more words