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Interval Training 22/2

On the 22:nd I did a sweaty interval training session on my bike. It consisted of 5-minute intervals and I alternated a high watt resistance with a low watt resistance. 163 more words


Going the extra mile -- literally

The other day I downloaded this app called “Running.” (Lacking creativity, yet straightforward). It’s a training app for people who get into running. It has intervals, for example, where you run for 3 minutes, walk for 2 minutes. 160 more words


22 beautiful road trips to take this spring

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Remember when Dorothy dozes off among scarlet poppies in The Wizard of Oz? Well, those vivid flowers weren’t just a figment of Hollywood magic. 2,431 more words


London's Black Cabs 

He talked all the way from the airport till we reached the hotel about different random things – mostly politics.
I kept nodding at most of the raised subjects. 416 more words


Tesla plans to double the number of Supercharger stations in North America this year

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Tesla plans to double the number of Supercharger locations in North America by the end of 2017, the company said in an… 174 more words

Money Matters

The one about Being The Perfect Friend Of A Runner

If you are quite familiar with terms such as ‘long run’, ‘race day’, ‘hydration’, ‘pace’, ‘PR’, ‘strength training’, ‘rest day’, ‘easy run’, ‘fuel’, ‘wicking’, ‘blisters’, ‘cross training’, ‘stitches’, ‘runner’s knee’, ‘intervals’, ‘sprints’, ‘foam rolling’, ‘compression socks’ and so on but have not discovered first hand the amazingness of being a road warrior aka runner, then may I suggest to you that perhaps you are an official… 1,219 more words


New diesel Chevy Cruze can go an estimated 702 miles on a single tank of fuel

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This week, Chevrolet announced that its new 2017 diesel Cruze will get a jaw-dropping 52 mpg on the highway, making it the car with the best fuel economy among non-hybrid and non-electric models in America. 711 more words