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Happy Half Birthday

I am standing in a room full of boxes, full of clothes,  full of memories.

How quickly you outgrew them.

There is the outfit you wore when we brought you home for the first time. 577 more words


Per usual: White knuckles on day 3

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit…  Well, my habit is that on day three of a weight loss regimen, I search the cabinets searching for something to give me a serotonin-reward-response fix. 353 more words


New Tricks

Month 13 has been full of new developments, and we’re constantly bugging Avery to show off all of his “tricks.” Sometimes I even bribe him with food, as if he’s a circus animal. 890 more words


Let's Talk Nice & Bella

Pssst…hey, I’ve been trying to get your attention here. You really need to check out my Nice & Bella website. I can pretty much guarantee you will quickly accumulate a nice little wishlist. 202 more words

About Me

Bikes, St. Paddy's, birthdays, and more - March 2018

In an effort to catch up, I’m consolidating the entire (rather action-packed, apparently) month of March into one post.

It began on March 1st (as March typically does ;)) with Grammy’s birthday – we celebrated by making a special dinner with some of her favorite things: 1,265 more words


Is he ready? Am I ready?

So the question I’ve been constantly asking myself – is he ready? Ollie is turning 4 years old at the end of June and what a life changing rollercoaster of emotions it’s been! 344 more words

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