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Month 14

Dear Benjamin,
You have now turned 14 months old. And, with the new month, comes a new milestone: Walking! You are no longer just taking a step here or there. 629 more words


mj is ONE | children | richardson, tx

I first met MJ when he was a buddha baby at 3 months old.  I can’t believe he’s now ONE with hair coming in nicely! We had planned for a smash cake but he was a little unsure of the texture.   12 more words


Sleep habit update

T naps for about 2-2.5 hours.

M doesn’t nap but he gets tired and cranky around 4. He passes out by 8p.
It’s hard getting them down sooner. 27 more words

#2 Baby

Kindergarten. OMG.

I have to confess something. For years now I’ve quietly been judging the parents of the internet for their “first day” photos. You know the ones: cute smiling kid, piece of paper declaring which of the interminable “firsts” the kid is starting that school year, the front porch of a house (presumably the one the child lives at but I’ve never actually asked). 254 more words


For the longest time I thought I was just a procrastinator a quality I disliked about myself but then finding out it was actually all due to my anxiety I also realize that part of me wasn’t going to change overnight. 443 more words

The Blogger

Learning the A, B, See's of Infant Vision Development

No one would argue that, for the new parent staring into the face of their tiny creation, it is love at first sight.  But for that squirmy bundle of joy peering back up at them, their perspective offers only a fuzzy outline of Mommy or Daddy. 464 more words

Happy 18 months, K!

Time flies. Today you turn 18 months. Not quite a big boy, but definitely no longer a baby.

I’ve been told you take after me- your expressions, your mannerisms, your humour, and most obviously we have matching noses. 329 more words