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15M ~ Bunny When It's Too Sunny

With the clear sky and sunny forecast, we headed to Mission Bay beach hats on (though sadly no sunblock). We rode the Tamaki bus and found ourselves close to the kids playground. 168 more words


15M ~ Walking Had Never Been Cooler

We went for a walk to the nearest park, in front of Spark Arena. This time it was not just two but three walking.

With her cute teddy bear shoes from rubber given by oma, she confidently step into the cement world. 113 more words


9 months old!

I can’t believe you’re 9 months old! How quickly has that time gone?

You don’t even seem like a baby anymore, you’ve very quickly become a little boy with your own personality and very cheeky behaviour! 304 more words


One more quarter peal

Do I sound like a broken record? This may be the last time I post about a quarter peal with 6 bells, as we have now almost all managed ringing one. 145 more words


Pumpkins and Cheese

A quick note from the editor’s desk: I am completely and utterly swamped at work this week. If you’re asking yourself what I’m doing here then….. 1,104 more words


Entice Cosmetics - My True Love! Part 1

Hey lovelies, I hope you guys have been well! After a massive long break I’m so glad to be back! It feels good to be sitting in front of my laptop and typing my heart away, literally. 497 more words


What I Learned From Potty Training

I’m not sure why, but when it came time for potty training Zeke I reverted back to my old college student self.  It was like I was preparing for a research paper.  842 more words

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