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I Have a Confession to Make.

This isn’t easy for me to put into words. I feel the need to explain myself. Please read this post with an open mind. I know this is going to be very controversial. 805 more words


Milford Sound

Milford Sound is the only thing I’m repeating this time around.  I’ve managed to find new things to do in each place I’ve visited with Janetta that I went to with my mom, but Milford Sound is so beautiful I had no problems going there again. 163 more words

6 Months Of Travel

Fiordland -wow

After my last rather grumpy post I thought that I should sing the praises of a belated ‘Indian summer’ that we are now enjoying. The last five days have been perfect and, as icing on the cake, we are still in Fiordland which has meant it has been great for hiking through the mountains and enjoying the stunning scenery in this part of the World. 728 more words

New Zealand

Too Many Wrinkles? Visit This Waterfall! Milford Sound, New Zealand

I quite often get told that I look younger than I am. I’m 31, but I get asked for ID in the supermarket every time I attempt to buy a bottle of wine. 229 more words


Sun and dolphins on Milford Sound

TE ANAU, NEW ZEALAND — You can’t visit New Zealand without going to the famous Milford Sound. Captain Cook missed it on both of his circumnavigations of the country, and when the first European literally blew into it in 1912, word quickly spread. 960 more words

Move To Munich

Milford Track-elogue: Walk With Me On "The Most Beautiful Walk in the World"

“Tramp,” actually–not walk. Kiwis don’t hike trails, they tramp tracks. And we’re going to New Zealand now, where I’ve been for most of the past month, and still am, mentally, for the past week since coming home. 1,854 more words

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