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David Miliband says world refugee crisis to worsen with climate change

“International Rescue Committee Chief Executive David Miliband speaks during a Reuters Newsmaker event at the Thomson Reuters building in New York City, May 29, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Segar” /

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Examining the Labour defeat

On Friday it’ll have been three long weeks since we fully realised the extent of the Conservative win in this election, a majority, 331 seats in the House of Commons. 1,688 more words


Labour leadership contenders: aspiration isn't enough!

Every time I hear a Labour leadership contender talk about “aspiration”, I feel an irrational surge of anger. I’ve been trying to work out in recent days why I’m overcome with rage. 445 more words

Post Election Rambles.

I’ve debated whether or not to write this, because I’m heavily opinion based when it comes to politics. I’m a strong debater when it comes to elections. 867 more words


The Red Mist Descends

What has happened to the Labour party? With only one red dot in Scotland on Jeremy Vine’s penis substitute of a map, it’s looking like the hard times of Kinnock and co. 592 more words


The challenge for our next leader - a post-election reflection

Labour lost the 2015 General Election because not enough people voted for the Party. Unfortunately recognising this self-evident truth does not carry us very far. Given the immediate resignation of Labour leader Ed Miliband the focus at the time of writing is on the election of a successor: competing candidates are seeking to present themselves as someone who can reverse long-term trends and bring Labour back to power. 168 more words

Ditch the petitions to bring back Ed Miliband - it's embarrassing!

Why oh why are party members running round with a petition to get Ed Miliband back as leader? Shall we re-cap his strategy and why it failed for those in the Labour party who don’t seem to be able to get their head around the facts. 163 more words