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Student fees - Make no mistake Ed's onto a huge winner, and the Tories are seriously worried.

When the Tories suggested increasing student fees 4 years ago, I distinctly remember the assurance that “very few would charge the full £9000 and this would have to be justified for it to be allowed”. 512 more words

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Miliband vs Murdoch

In 1992, after thirteen years of Conservative power, the Labour Party seemed in prime position to rise from their slumber. There was an understandable sense of impending victory in the Labour camp, as the majority of opinion polls predicted that Labour would narrowly defeat a weak Tory government. 577 more words

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EXCLUSIVE! Isis killer Mohammed Emwazi's links to Ed Miliband


Mohammed Emwazi, the Islamic State (Isis) extremist behind the beheading of western hostages, grew up in EXACTLY the same city as Ed Miliband and graduated from a university just like the Labour leader did, Pride’s Purge can exclusively reveal. 438 more words


Ed Miliband and tuition fees

It is always a pleasure to be able to put up a picture of Margaret Thatcher. She was a dream to draw so any excuse to do her in black and white or in colour as here is wonderful and today, the current leader of the Labour Party (and a man I remember meeting on occasion as he flitted out of Corpus where a great friend of mine – a committed Thatcherite- was ploughing away at a doctorate), has come out with a plan that categorically demands to be slapped down by the Lady in blue. 1,018 more words


Labour's Proposal to Reduce University Tuition Fees - Just More Tinkering

More tinkering.

Ed Miliband’s proposal to cut university tuition fees seems to have been widely regarded as not worthy of the required  investment. Members of his own and other parties do not seem to see this as a priority for the next government. 141 more words

Daily Mail EXCLUSIVE: solar eclipse to plunge Britain into darkness if Ed Miliband becomes PM


Scientists are warning that Britain’s most complete solar eclipse in 16 years is likely to block out as much as 95% of sunlight across parts of the UK and Europe if Ed Miliband is elected prime minister in the upcoming general election. 237 more words


How Not to Launch your Election Campaign

I think it’s generally agreed that we’re all a bit tired of the traditional politics. Everyone’s become too good at avoiding question, at PR and Spin, at saying lots while meaning nothing. 212 more words

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