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The Beard That's Feared

In his book The Road to Wigan Pier, George Orwell issues a scathing attack on the Left intelligentsia. He called them ‘the dreary tribe of high-minded women and sandal wearers and bearded fruit-juice drinkers’ who were magnetically drawn to Socialism ‘like bluebottles to a dead cat’. 1,009 more words


Labour Party Election Special No2

Corbyn’s route to victory: not cynical or bland

1983 is a year that hangs heavily over the present Labour leadership election. The surprise runaway candidate – Jeremy Corbyn – has been accused of wanting to take the party back to those supposedly dark days. 1,879 more words


The voice of the people

The UK Labour Party is having a troubling time with its own leadership election process. In a fit of democratisation following their catastrophic general election defeat in May they opened up membership, and a new supporters category of friends but not members, for new signings who could then take part in the leadership contest. 597 more words


Jeremy #Corbyn and the end of the world. By Michael • @mikeypie12

By Michael • @mikeypie12

It has come to the attention of many in this country that noted Leninist Red Ed Miliband whilst travelling around the known socialist stronghold that is Australia has grown a beard to demonstrate his sympathies for the communist cause of bearded tyrant Jeremy Corbyn. 471 more words

Labour Leadership Election Special Series

  Labour Party leadership election special

‘Labour values’: a powerful ideology, or an ideology of power?

A lot has been written about the Labour leadership election. Who will win? 358 more words


Labour's failure: Book now available as free download

Labour’s failure and my small part in it: a memoir for my grandchildren Martyn Sloman

Download here Labour’s failure and my small part in it… 116 more words


Miliband's dream for democracy

Ed Miliband had a dream. Despite the decisive drubbing given to Labour in May’s election, there is still the potential for that dream to become reality. 574 more words