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So that’s the Labour party consigned to electoral oblivion. I’m sure they’ll hang around for another decade or two, and garner a few million votes at general elections, but there is no way a Marxist political party is going to get so much as a sniff of power in the UK. 695 more words


David Miliband couldn't be further from Labour's magic messiah

During England’s ill-fated Euro 2016 conquest this summer, it was remarked on the Guardian Football Weekly that Andy Carroll and Danny Drinkwater were English players, for whom the best place they could be for their national side, was on the beach. 1,009 more words

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Why does the Left hate the poor?

Why do the Democrats never do anything to help the American poor, or create policies to support the coloured peoples? Why does the Left always stand in the way of policies that would level the playing field – for instance, the Charter Schools that Donald Trump would like to see more of, which would give far more of the poor – and blacks and Hispanics – a way out of the poverty trap? 1,370 more words

Ordo Ab Chao

2nd September

In 1850 a former Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Charles Williams-Wynn died. Williams-Wynn held various Cabinet level roles including Secretary at War and President of the Board of Control under both Conservative and Whig Prime Ministers. 323 more words


Labour: Why Are We Here?

So wherever we all lie on the political spectrum, I think most people would agree that Westminster is in a bloody mess at the moment – this is of huge concern to those who desperately need a strong and compassionate government to mould a country in which they can make decent lives for themselves. 2,418 more words