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'Maybot' doth protest too much

Last week, our worshipful overlord Mrs May, told Test Match Special, and I quote; ‘I’m not robotic’. Funny, that’s just what a robot would say. Coincidence? 1,477 more words


Paxman’s interview technique

By Jessica Bott, Coventry University:

With the second instalment of The Battle for Number 10 airing, and the upcoming General Election, it is interesting to look back on the 2015 general election and the first Battle for Number 10 featuring David Cameron and Ed Miliband. 459 more words

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It is reported that Ed Miliband filmed mowing the lawn of a constituent was a set up. The lady said she thought he was from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. 174 more words

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SNAP: Why the 2017 General Election will be the saviour of the Labour party

“The country is united but Westminster is divided” exclaims Prime Minister Theresa May as she stands on the steps of No.10, announcing her intentions to hold a snap general election on the 8th June 2017. 543 more words

Labour HQ defunds Corbyn's staff by half - he's paying some himself

‘Short money’ (named after the politician who instituted the system, Edward Short) is the name of the state funding to opposition parties to enable them to conduct the business of  562 more words

Man who lost to Ed Miliband, now an expert on winning

With the sage advice of someone with his ‘d$ck caught in his zipper’, David Miliband has stepped forward to advise the Labour Party, he abandoned, on where they are going astray.  179 more words

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The Labour Party is Beyond Salvation

The Labour Party no longer functions as an effective opposition and its chances of winning an election are virtually nil—believing otherwise is not only fallacious, but toes the line of delusion. 2,133 more words