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'Project Fear' Wins, It's No Surprise It's Being Used

This week Michael Gove, a man convinced to enter politics by David Cameron, condemned Cameron and his allies in the remain camp for operating “Project Fear” in the referendum campaigns. 744 more words


Labour’s £6k plan won’t solve students’ struggle to vote against fees

1 year ago today, this article was published in the ‘i’ newspaper. Hard to believe it’s been a year but here it is – my first article published in national print! 1,018 more words

Radical Readers discuss Parliamentary Socialism by Ralph Miliband

This month, Radical Readers will be discussing Ralph Miliband’s  seminal classic, Parliamentary Socialism.

Miliband’s book is considered a classic of British Marxism and is often referred to whenever the history of the Labour Party is discussed.   90 more words

Fallacies: The Trump Edition

In the world of fallacies there is no equal to the politician so what better way to kick off our fallacy segment than a politician starter pack to help you aspiring world leaders talk a lot and say a little. 723 more words


8+ Weeks and Counting

We are somewhere between eight and nine weeks’ pregnant now. This is exciting and nerve-wracking given we’ve:

  • Never done this before
  • Had problems before
  • Know we need to at least get to 12 weeks before we’ll find it…
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Time to be an Opposition

I realised this morning I haven’t posted anything in quite a while, so here’s a subject now quite close to my heart. Over the past year or so I have really took into politics, self taught along the way, and now like to think of myself as being quite knowledgeable in the area. 654 more words

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Jewish charity takes money to send "refugees" to Europe and not even one to Israel.

Jews are very good at teaching christians how to help the poor and to take refugees otherwise they are “bad”. But, they don’t want any, not even one, refugee in Israel because Israel must remain a jewish state for the jews only that mustn’t be outnumbered by the non jews and… 417 more words