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Milibounce - Ed thrives under Paxman pressure

After all the bluff and bluster, this was the start of the election campaign proper. Expectations were low, given the format. David Cameron had refused to debate head to head with Ed Miliband so we had this rather convoluted way of going about things. 820 more words


Whatever happened to hope?

Today, David Cameron will go to Buckingham Palace and ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament, thus officially firing the starting gun on an election campaign that already feels like it has gone on for aeons and that has consumed column inches, social media, television – and now, this blog. 1,186 more words


The UK Election Showdown - Cameron vs Miliband Part 1

For those of you who missed out on Thursday night’s televised leadership contest, I shall attempt to give a short comprehensive summary in a coherent & lucid fashion. 1,727 more words

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Miliband Vs Cameron: both a bit weird

Part of the reason the polls following this week’s Miliband/Cameron TV non-battle are so even is likely because both men came across primarily as being a bit weird, albeit in different ways. 205 more words

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Political Hurly-Burley

The duel between David and Ed/
Was not a debate head to head/
Just Paxman all surly/
With sniping from Burley/
And audience questions instead./// 37 more words

If Miliband Thinks Profit Is A Dirty Word Then Britain Is In Trouble

As Britain’s general election campaign gets under way, Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has made a populist pledge that sets a depressing tone for the battle to come. 746 more words