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Labour: Why Are We Here?

So wherever we all lie on the political spectrum, I think most people would agree that Westminster is in a bloody mess at the moment – this is of huge concern to those who desperately need a strong and compassionate government to mould a country in which they can make decent lives for themselves. 2,418 more words


Miliband's 'return' suggests he never gave a damn about foreign policy

Not in many years has the relationship between the current and the former leader of the Labour Party been so cosy. Ed Miliband, when he was first elected in September 2010, quickly tried to distance himself from the New Labour era, and it was very well known that Gordon Brown wanted rid of Tony Blair long before the latter finally relinquished the keys to Downing Street in the summer of 2007. 693 more words


My friend Jane Norman

My dear friend Jane Norman died a year ago yesterday, on the day after the UK’s 2015 General Election. I was working on the Parliamentary expenses system that week, preparing for the upcoming Parliament, getting ready to erase the losers and import the winning MPs into the system. 533 more words

Anti-Semitism/Zionism: And How It Became Impossible to Criticise israel

Anti-Semitism/Zionism: And How It Became Impossible to Criticise Israel…

The controversy now rocking the Labour Party in Britain – which is now being blanketly labelled as an “anti-Semitic” party by the media – is actually a symptom of a much bigger problem. 2,237 more words
Nazi Israel

'Project Fear' Wins, It's No Surprise It's Being Used

This week Michael Gove, a man convinced to enter politics by David Cameron, condemned Cameron and his allies in the remain camp for operating “Project Fear” in the referendum campaigns. 744 more words


Labour’s £6k plan won’t solve students’ struggle to vote against fees

1 year ago today, this article was published in the ‘i’ newspaper. Hard to believe it’s been a year but here it is – my first article published in national print! 1,018 more words