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Why should anyone care what the likes of Tony Blair thinks?

Who imagined that The Labour Party’s leadership election, in the wake of Ed Miliband’s departure, would turn into a genuine ideological battle? When Miliband 2 was hoisted into the role the usual cries of ‘too left wing!’ went up everywhere. 823 more words

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Top Mirror Hack Nicked in Canary Wharf Raid

The Mirror’s pugnacious ‘Head of Agenda’, Lee Harpin, who was heading up the paper’s election coverage, is lifted in a police raid on their Canary Wharf offices: 44 more words

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#Milifandom is Back, In Greater Numbers!

Right now in PCH @Ed_Miliband is assembling some kind of #Milifandom zombie army. Run for your lives! pic.twitter.com/KyRlHwK09i

— Eye Spy MP (@eyespymp) July 9, 2015

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Ed Miliband was Osborne in disguise all along

Historically, budgets have been recognised as opportunities for Chancellors to pull rabbits out of hats. Today’s budget will go down in history not only for economic surprises, but for the shocking revelation that Gideon Osborne and Ed Miliband have actually been the same person all along. 209 more words

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Russell Brand's Seven Minutes of Bullshit

Link to Russell’s video.

Russell Brand’s recent preposterous assertion about the minute of silence for the 38 fallen in the Tunisian attacks may at first glance seem to simply be a weak Susan Sontag impression, but in reality his victim-blaming drivel is far more profoundly ill-informed than a benign borrowed opinion. 1,027 more words


Hope for a hopeless Miliband?

I would feel uncomfortable with voting for a Labour party led by Ed Miliband.

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I could never trust a politician who looked so uncomfortable eating a bacon sandwich. 672 more words

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Why weren't we all talking about David Cameron's Amusing Hair Loss?

Why weren’t we talking more about this?   I mean, April/May sort of time?   A picture of Miliband eating a bacon sandwich seemed pretty decisive in the minds of many, and I’ve been coming across all these images of Cameron attempting various comb-over strategies and maybe even wigs.   574 more words