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Militancy: 700,000 barrels of crude oil lost daily — NNPC

​The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, yesterday, lamented that the rising cases of militancy, pipeline vandalism, theft and sabotage of oil and gas assets has led to the curtailment of about 700,000 barrels per day (BPD) of crude oil. 453 more words


The Rise of Militancy in South Kashmir

The killing of Burhan Wani in South Kashmir has seen an uptick in the protests against the Indian army and the Indian Government, with over 50,000 people congregating to mourn his death and join his funeral procession. 450 more words

The New Threat: Radicalisation and 'lone wolves'

Yet despite this, officials and analysts have continued to talk of such men as ‘lone wolves’. One explanation for this lies in a mistaken view of how people become violent extremists. 196 more words


whose Kashmir...??

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Kashmir was always be unsolved puzzle by their local Muslims , Pakistani, and Indians.Many wars being declared for the independence of Azad Kashmir , Innocent people were killed,Kashmir  Valley Beauty is being destroyed for the independence. 122 more words



From a handful of Militants to thousands of Kashmiris chanting Azadi. What have you done India?
When did country like Pakistan became the Elysian field of Kashmiris! 136 more words

Hypocrisy of the Separatist leaders.
Separatist are known to glorify militancy and calls on the youth of Kashmir to take up arms and on the other hand their kids are settled Abroad or getting education far away from Kashmir which is burning. 650 more words


Bloody Heaven

Lying on the mat, she stared at the ceiling. The fan wasn’t working today and it won’t for few days until, someone notices it and helps her get it repaired. 157 more words