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Lest we forget the women.

Suffrage Militancy. The Daily Graphic, 1907.[1]

In 2017, when militancy is looked upon with such contempt, it is fascinating to consider how the British nation remembers the Suffrage of the early 20th century. 893 more words


Joyful Militancy, by Nick Montgomery and carla bergman - a new book coming soon from the Institute for Anarchist Studies and AK Press!

Why do radical movements and spaces sometimes feel laden with fear, anxiety, suspicion, self-righteousness and competition? The authors call this phenomenon rigid radicalism: congealed and toxic ways of relating that have seeped into radical movements, posing as the ‘correct’ way of being radical. 1,696 more words


WikiLeaks: BNP-Jamaat government wanted Rohingya refugees to leave

US ambassador to Yangon Shari (English Woods) Villarosa wrote to Washington on September 29, 2005 describing the condition of the Rohingya people living in Myanmar’s Rakhine State and Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar areas. 985 more words

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Trump adds intensity to Obama’s policy of partnering India, gradually deserting Pakistan

The former US President Barack Obama’s South Asia strategy was clearly reflected in his visit twice to India and never to Pakistan. While Pakistan was not treated like an ally during his two terms in White House, Obama gave India the attention and support that the US generally gives an ally. 864 more words


Bangladesh's latest commando drill showcases readiness against security threats

Foreign organizations, including national cricket teams, have been demonstrating renewed confidence in Bangladesh’s security regime after a bad patch of terror attacks from 2013 until last year. 685 more words

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Every Rohingya life is a victory                                             كل حياة نبقي عليها من الروهينجا هي انتصار

لقراءة المقال مترجم إلى العربية انتقل إلى الأسفل

As the acceleration of the Myanmar regime’s ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya continues, we are starting to see familiar rhetoric spreading on social media encouraging the people to fight, using idealistic moral and religious platitudes about “dying an honorable death” and so forth. 483 more words