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Chris Hedges Sums Up Our Collective Predicament and the Solution

Commentary on gloomy Chris Hedges: Feel good industry denies reality of situation of planet earth, economic inequality and militarization of our culture. Predatory systems that effect all of us globally. 13 more words


A Country Without a Heart: thoughts on MLK, Dodge Rams, and the state of the country

America and Americans need to stop playing. Winning has nothing to do with money, cars or material things. The true measure of success is positive action. 2,605 more words


Recipe Concocted for Perpetual War is a Bitter One

Our remarkably swift transition from “boots on the ground” to overwhelming reliance on aerial bombing, drone, mercenary, and surrogate (including US-supported Al Qaeda and ISIS proxy) warfare under Obama completed the domestic pain-relieving process of engaging globally in the “foreign entanglements” our first president warned us against.    1,686 more words


Flowers and Zeese | New Defense Strategy: War with Great Nations and Arms Race

Bacevich writes the ‘new’ strategy is placed in the false claim that the US is “emerging from a period of strategic atrophy.” The claim is laughable as the US has been in never ending war with massive military spending throughout the century.   

1,707 more words


Pentagon to Allow Nuclear Responses to Non-Nuclear Attacks by Marjorie Cohn

 Both Beijing and Moscow reaffirmed that nuclear weapons are not “first strike” weapons. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stressed that nuclear weapons are only a defensive deterrent. 1,405 more words


The People Who Made a Nuclear-Weapons-Prohibition Treaty Possible

ICAN’s visionary work has brought us that much closer to a nuclear-free world—and won them a Nobel Peace Prize in the process.

By Ari Beser… 2,183 more words