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Unique Glimpse of Gender, Intersectionality and Militarism at Century of Conflict Symposium

By Denver Donchez
News Reporter

Retired Staff Sergeant, Eric Alva never expected to be the first soldier in the Iraq War to receive a Purple Heart medal. 308 more words


The World Faces a Historic Opportunity to Ban Nuclear Weapons

By Beatrice Fihn, Martin Butcher, and Rasha Abdul Rahim | Inter Press Service | March 24, 2017

Nuclear weapons are once again high on the international agenda, and experts note that the risk of a nuclear detonation is the highest since the Cold War.

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Arms Race Fears Roused in Sweden by Saab's Indiscriminate Campaigning

Sputnik – 27.03.2017

As the Swedish manufacturer Saab experiences growing problems trying to market its Gripen fighter jet, the company is forced to try and woo previously unbeknown markets.

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US Navy Prepares Decapitating Attack Against Russia

By Alex GORKA | Strategic Culture Foundation | 27.03.2017

The US preemptive nuclear strike capability has significantly grown. The strategic nuclear forces modernization program has implemented new revolutionary technologies to 

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McCain: 'New World Order Under Enormous Strain' Without US, EU Leadership

Sputnik – 27.03.2017

US Senator John McCain said on Friday that the world desperately needs the US and Europe to unite once more to preserve globalism.

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Japanese scientists reject lifting of ban on military research at universities

RT | March 26, 2017

The influential Science Council of Japan (SCJ) adopted a statement rejecting research at civilian institutions for military purposes. It comes in response to government investment in dual-use technologies.

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US Presence in Korea Drives Instability

By Ulson Gunnar – New Eastern Outlook – March 25, 2017 

US and European interests continue to portray the government and nation of North Korea as a perpetual security threat to both Asia and the world.

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