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US Foreign Policy: 90 degrees change in Path and Focus

DT has managed to refocus US Foreign Policy within a year of assuming the seat of power, changing key policy commitments and challenging others including the relationship with Europe, China and Russia. 889 more words

Background Papers

laws, guns, & money, Pt. 2: The causes are coming from within the house

A couple of weeks ago, we took a look at the proposed solutions for mass random killings[1] in the States and how the would-be solutions can actually lead to worse conditions for the marginalized. 1,313 more words


Local Politics

Local politics can be weird.

Correction: local politics are like national politics in microcosm.

Including all the weirdness.

At the end of February, I attended a Public Safety meeting at City Hall in my town about the police buying a BearCat (an armored vehicle) for the department’s Critical Incident Response Team (their equivalent of SWAT). 1,327 more words

Something Different

China needs to arm South China Sea islands — general


China has militarized the South China Sea — even though they have no legal claim. This is Mischief Reef, now an extensive Chinese military base — one of seven Chinese military bases near the Philippines… 563 more words

Karachi in September

Written in late September, 2017. Muharram. 

Karachi is a gift for writers. This city is brimming with detail and eccentricity. There is so much texture, so much for curious eyes to take apart. 1,066 more words

Australia boosts South China Sea presence

In this June 2017 photo, HMAS Ballarat (center) conducts a passage exercise in the South China Sea with Japanese maritime self defense force ships Izumo and Sazanami and the Royal Canadian ship HMCS Winnipeg. 384 more words