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[From the web] Military operations are “the main driving factor of displacement” in Maguindanao By Carlos H. Conde

Dispatches: Military Abuses in Southern Philippines
Military operations are “the main driving factor of displacement” in Maguindanao
By Carlos H. Conde

Here’s a snapshot of the plight of tens of thousands of internally displaced people in the Philippine province of Maguindanao after an anti-insurgent military operation: women, children, and the elderly endure the heat in makeshift evacuation camps with inadequate food, medical care, and sporadic electricity supply. 441 more words

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RE: Militarization of the Police

I decided to email my “Representatives” (Mac Thornberry, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn) a while back concerning the militarization of the police and why I did not agree with it. 26 more words

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Right now we don’t see an intent of armed conflict in the Arctic, of Russia against North America; however, the intent can change very rapidly. Who would have thought in regard to Mr.

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Russia is defending Moscow from the Arctic

From Sputniknews

Deputy head of Russian Aerospace Defence Forces said that Russia has already deployed air defense missile and artillery weapon systems Pantsir and plans to place MiG-31 interceptor aircraft in the Arctic region. 152 more words


Ukraine Update: Military Preparations (Again)

The Ukies just aren’t giving up. Despite multiple catastrophic defeats they continue to invest heavily into their completely incapable military.

The Right Sector, in an attempt to restrain them from an anti-Poroshenko Maidan, are… 113 more words


Guatemala News Update: March 16-27

Criminalization of Land Rights Leaders Persists in Huehuetenango

On March 24, two indigenous and land rights leaders from Santa Eulalia — Rigoberto Juárez Mateo and Domingo Baltazar — … 613 more words


Russia is looking at setting up an autonomous military force in the Arctic


A self-sufficient military force will be formed in Russia’s sector of the Arctic by 2018, a senior source at the Defense Ministry said on Wednesday. 141 more words