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Do Not Resist!

Craig Atkinson’s documentary about police militarization, Do Not Resist, is filled with unsettling scenes like the one where a Swat team destroys a family’s home during a drug raid that nets small amounts of loose marijuana.

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El Salvador’s Violence: Still No Easy Way Out

by Sarah Kinosian, Angelika Albaladejo and Lisa Haugaard on September 15, 2016

The Center for International Policy (CIP) and the Latin America Working Group Education Fund (LAWGEF) traveled to El Salvador in late 2015 to report on the state of security and human rights in what has become the most violent country in the world outside of a war zone. 155 more words

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Fake Problems Abound: Police Militarization

There is a buzz phrase for you, no? “The militarization of the police.” That sounds downright foreboding, especially for Americans who have a healthy distrust of government. 854 more words


A Theory of the Drone

In Matt Hawkins’ comic book series, Think Tank, the main character Dr. David Loren is a boy-genius who was recruited by the military to work for a DARPA science. 700 more words

Paramilitary Organization Endorses Fascist; Nation Worries

Friday brought us the most frightening news of this terrible election season:

The National Fraternal Order of Police, a 330,000-member union of law enforcement officers, has endorsed Donald Trump for president. 481 more words


Your Money or Your Life: What’s Behind the Latest Government Scam to Rob You Blind?

“The fact is that the government, like a highwayman, says to a man: Your money, or your life. And many, if not most, taxes are paid under the compulsion of that threat.

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The 'War' on citizenry continues from the most criminal enterprise in the history of mankind... government

North Dakota is first in the US to authorize weaponized drones for local coppers

❝ Armed drones could be used by police in the US state of North Dakota after local lawmakers legalised their use.

While they will be limited to “less than lethal” weapons, tear gas, tasers, rubber bullets and pepper spray could all be used in theory by the remote controlled flying machines.

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