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Domestic Military Deployments Could Lead to Corruption, Politicization: Brazil Army Chief

This news brief was published at InSight Crime.

The commander of Brazil’s army has expressed concerns over the potential for corruption and politicization of the military as it is deployed for anti-crime efforts, casting further doubt on the increasing reliance on the force amid a nationwide security crisis. 390 more words


National: EPN Enacts Interior Security Law. CNDH Declares it Unconstitutional.

On December 21st, President Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN) enacted the Internal Security Law, recently approved by Congress, which regulates the participation and timing in which the armed forces can participate in public safety work in municipalities and states. 629 more words

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South China Sea: China Defends "Peaceful Construction" on Man Made Island Military Bases In Seas It Does Not Own

“Certainly, China also needs to construct necessary defense facilities for its own territory, which are not directed at any country,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said. 893 more words

South China Sea: Philippines to protest to China over apparent airbase on manmade island

MANILA (Reuters) – The Philippines will make a diplomatic protest to China, which the southeast Asian nation’s defense minister described as having reneged on a promise not to militarize artificial islands in the busy South China Sea waterway. 889 more words

National/International: "Caravan of Mothers of Missing Migrants" Arrives to Mexico


 From December 1st to 18th, the thirteenth “Caravan of Mothers of Missing Migrants” will be held, which will enter Mexico to “search for the disappeared, break the silence and demand justice,” 405 more words

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Imagine that you’re at home with family on a Friday night. You go to the bathroom and all of the sudden your mother screaming from the front room. 470 more words


The Military-Industrial Complex Is Fundamentally Changing the European Union

EU leaders are planning a massive arms buildup—and, amid panic over terror attacks, the critics have been marginalized.

With the eurozone in permanent crisis, Brexit on the horizon, and far-right parties on the rise from Germany to the Czech Republic, the future of the European Union has never seemed so much in doubt. 2,371 more words