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China’s aggression does not diminish sovereign rights of the Philippines

Philippine Daily Inquirer / 05:14 AM May 25, 2018

China keeps on occupying more territories that it claims as its own despite protests from other claimant countries. 760 more words

China: Philippines starts repairs on Manila-controlled reefs in Spratlys Islands, South China Sea -- Is the Philippines Going The Way of Hong Kong and Taiwan?

Thitu (Pag-asa) Island — The poor condition of the runway surface and a collapse of its western end made landings and takeoffs difficult for Philippine C-130s. 956 more words

China insists 'inherent right' to military activities in South China Sea -- Denies 'militarization'


The Philippines says it “owns” Mischief Reef, but there is not one known Filipinos living there. China has militarized the South China Sea — even though they have no legal claim. 982 more words

China irked, scolds US after officials withdraw invite to naval drill

China’s Defence Ministry expressed regret on Thursday after the United States withdrew an invitation to China to attend a major U.S.-hosted naval drill, saying that closing the door does not promote mutual trust and cooperation. 616 more words

Uruguay Faces Rising Public Pressure to Militarize Fight Against Crime

Authorities in Uruguay are facing mounting public pressure to pursue hardline security strategies to combat a perceived rise in gang-related violence, but caving to these demands could hamper long-term efforts that have made the country one of the safest in Latin America. 458 more words


As Medellín Violence Spikes, Security Force Response Raises Concerns

This analysis was published at InSight Crime.

Authorities in Colombia are responding to a recent wave of violence in Medellín with large-scale security force occupations and targeted arrests of crime bosses, but the factors fueling the clashes remain unclear and the security strategy may be exacerbating tensions. 931 more words


National: 84 Organizations and Collectives Oppose Gendarmerie at Southern Border


On April 10th, the Mexican government announced that it will multiply the number of troops of the National Gendarmerie on the southern border to reinforce security but maintaining the commitment to protect the human rights of Central American migrants who cross the country to the United States. 472 more words

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