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Royal Navy to hand over SAR task to the Coast Guard

At theĀ end of next month the Royal Navy s two Search and Rescue units HMS Gannet SAR flight at Prestwick and 771 NAS at Culdrose,will hand over their SAR task to the Coast Guard contractor and will bring to a close the UKs military SAR commitment. 183 more words

Military Aircraft

The First Jet Fighters

Like them or hate them, the Germans developed the first jet fighters as well as rocket technology.

First is the Messerschmitt Me-262A Schwalbe (Swallow)

The ME-262A could also be fitted with the biggest gun used my aircraft in WW2 the BK-5 50mm cannon. 17 more words


The DH Mosquito is 75

The is one of the last photographs ever taken of the B AE Systems operated de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito T Mk 3 (G-ASKH, ex-RAF RR299) minutes later the aircraft crashed 1 mile west of Manchester Barton Airport (EGCB) after a problem with the carburetor in one of the aircrafts two Rolls Royce Merlin engines during a wing over caused a loss of power and with insufficient height to effect recovery the aircraft crashed during an air display killing the pilot Kevin Moorhouse and engineer Steve Watson on the 21st July 1996. 191 more words

Military Aircraft

Messerschmitt and Focke Wulf

I have to admit my two favorite fighters of WW2 were not American, or even British. I have two of my favorites right here…

First is the BF-109G Messerschmitt a true beauty and a big pest for allied bombers. 55 more words


P-51D Mustang

Another iconic fighter/interceptor of WW2. This is a P-51D which has the improved bubble top canopy for better vision.


Defence Review November 2015

I reckon its still possible to buy the Harrier airframes back from the Yanks, probably at an inflated price, refurbish them and use them as a stopgap measure until the F35 comes into service in another EIGHT YEARS on the new carriers. 50 more words

Military Aircraft