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It had to happen -- 2030! They must be laughing their heads off!

(Yes I know the report is two years old but its still relevant)

The U.S. Marine Corps has extended the retirement date of its AV-8B Harrier IIs in increments until 2030, and most of the fleet will remain active through 2027, according to Boeing, which supports the 1980s-generation strike aircraft. 300 more words

Military Aircraft

Your choice: The F-22 Warthog or the F-35 stealth jet

By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot

This sounds like a global warming issue to me.  Forget the fact we have not had any significant climate change in the… 194 more words


Pak govt has already accepted Saudi orders?

The government is set to fulfill Saudi Arabia’s request for military assistance in its offensive against Houthi rebels in Yemen within next week, sources privy to the development told… 375 more words

Balancing the criticism....

The F-35 will cost significantly less than you think


The F-35 programme is often labelled a “trillion-dollar black hole”, the man in charge of the project vehemently disagrees and lays to rest any fears over rising costs. 1,078 more words

Military Aircraft

The list goes on....

(With acknowledgement to news.com.au)

As a by-comment, this article states that Australia is buying 75 F35s. Makes our order of 45 look silly, don’t it? 1,193 more words

Military Aircraft

Museum of the USAF

Ever notice someone tilting their head at the wing of an aircraft?

Chances are good that it was an aerospace engineer. I know it is difficult to tell with such social grace that engineers are known for. 132 more words