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Coloring the World a Little Purple

I have not always known about Military Child Appreciation Month, let alone the, “wear purple to show support,” day of 15 April. ¬†Quite frankly, every day in our family is Military Child Appreciation Day, since this is the lifestyle we lead, but I wanted us to dress the part today. 355 more words


Mother's Day Destinations and Getaways Tips


Why not book a special Mother’s Day trip for her and her family to take…to anywhere in the world? 267 more words

An Open Letter to the U.S. Soldier...

Dear Soldier,

I see you.

I’m sorry that many in our nation have forgotten what your work means, but I see you. I walk the halls of a college campus filled with apathetic students that believe ALL your sacrifices were a choice of your own. 292 more words

Sharing your Passion

You ask yourself, what do I want to do in life? What makes me happy? What excites me more than anything?

Maybe you know the answer, maybe you don’t. 368 more words


Army Wives, 173rd version

You probably heard about the show Army Wives that aired from 2007-2013. As an army wife, there were things about that show that made me laugh, that I agreed with, that made me cry. 499 more words

Life Lessons

3/2/16 Full Show Podcast (Mark Carman, Sergeant Trevon Peracca, David Hochberg)

Patti opens the show with Mark Carman riding sidecar as they recap day 3 at Marine boot camp. Then, Sergeant Peracca jumps in to share his personal experiences as both a recruit and officer. 39 more words

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