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Company endorsing Support The Heroes not registered at Companies House

  1. The company that new charity Support The Heroes (registered charity number: 1155853) publicly thanked so effusively for its support isn’t registered at Companies House. This fact further undermines the credibility of the military charity.
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Confusing Support The Heroes and Help for Heroes: a revealing tweet

  1. One concern about new charity Support The Heroes (registered charity number: 1155853) is the similarity of its name to Help for Heroes, the high-profile military charity.
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Military Charities

Call Dave to work for charity Support The Heroes: more evidence

  1. In my last post I revealed the full name of Dave and the hidden Blackpool company he works for, which, in the guise of the charity Support The Heroes, is currently recruiting paid fundraisers.
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Military Charities

Revealed: the hidden Blackpool company presenting itself as charity Support The Heroes to recruit paid fundraisers

  1. A Blackpool company owned by the same people as Prize Promotions Limited, the discredited professional fundraiser now in administration, is presenting itself as a military charity to recruit paid fundraisers.
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Stafford or Stamford, Lincs?

  1. Where does Mr D Jones live? He’s the winner apparently of second prize in the latest prize draw organised in the name of the charity Open Doors (registered charity number: 1006623) and its “Supporting our Heroes” campaign.
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CORRECTION: Working link for archived web page announcing results of first Targeted Management Limited prize draw

  1. Sorry, but it seems that the archived web page I referred to in para 3 of my 26 February 2015 post isn’t available. At 3 March 2015 I have therefore resaved the “News” page from the Our Local Heroes Foundation website: …
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