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From Prize Promotions Limited to Targeted Management Limited

  1. The military charity Our Local Heroes Foundation (registered charity number: 1142029) has a new official professional fundraiser: Targeted Management Limited, itself a new company. But who are they exactly?
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Military Charities

Army of Heroes in Liverpool city centre – photo

  1. Army of Heroes is yet another bogus military charity from in or around Blackpool. In December 2014, I encountered its wristband sellers in Manchester city centre.
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Military Charities

Cancer charity sends “bullying” junk mail – The Daily Mirror

  1. On 12 February 2015, Andrew Penman in his column in The Daily Mirror rightly criticises a cancer charity – one that used to work with Prize Promotions Limited, the notorious Blackpool-based professional fundraiser.
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Prize Promotions Limited in administration

  1. Prize Promotions Limited, the notorious Blackpool-based professional fundraiser, is in administration as of 14 January 2015, according to Companies House records (company number: 07829587).
  2. This blog has exclusively revealed how Prize Promotions Limited has consistently misled the public across the UK in its rip-off fundraising activities, often working illegally.
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