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The Royal British Legion: “To our knowledge we have not been offered or taken receipt of any funds from either Dove or Open Doors”

  1. Professional fundraiser Dove Promotions and linked charity Open Doors have been using without permission the names of three high-profile military charities to lend credibility to themselves and their fundraising activities.
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Military Charities

Army of Heroes: Blackpool Council acts

  1. There have been two reports in The Blackpool Gazette of the local council acting on Army of Heroes, at 15 August 2015.
  2. In December 2014, I exposed Army of Heroes, yet another bogus military charity from Blackpool, after encountering two of its representatives in Manchester city centre.
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Military Charities

Targeted Management Limited: censorship and secrecy

  1. There is a lack of clarity and transparency about new company Targeted Management Limited (TML) and its role(s) for two military charities in the North-West, Our Local Heroes Foundation (OLHF) and Support The Heroes (STH).
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Military Charities

Professional fundraiser misrepresents Open Doors as a military charity: more evidence

  1. In my last post I described how Open Doors in its fundraising and website misleadingly creates the impression that it’s a military charity, when it isn’t one.
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Military Charities

Why is the Army endorsing the unnecessary, non-transparent and unaccountable charity Open Doors?

  1. A charity is using named serving soldiers and their Army regiment to lend credibility to itself and its fundraising activities, yet it is neither open nor transparent about fundraising costs.
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Military Charities

Company endorsing Support The Heroes not registered at Companies House

  1. The company that new charity Support The Heroes (registered charity number: 1155853) publicly thanked so effusively for its support isn’t registered at Companies House. This fact further undermines the credibility of the military charity.
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Military Charities

Confusing Support The Heroes and Help for Heroes: a revealing tweet

  1. One concern about new charity Support The Heroes (registered charity number: 1155853) is the similarity of its name to Help for Heroes, the high-profile military charity.
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