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"Yes, and...": Mastering Military Life Through Improv!

Did you know that as a military family, you have all kinds of improv talent? Wait. Don’t stop reading! Recently while re-reading comedian Tina Fey’s book… 456 more words

Military Families

GIVEAWAY! Every Week Should be as Awesome as Shark Week!

Shark Week on The Discovery Channel is underway and we’re pumped! Being a shark must be tough (with the whole ‘no friends’ thing) but we know it’s even tougher being a military family, and we want to celebrate you by giving away some awesome Shark Week swag! 49 more words

Military Families

7 Tips To Make A Military Move - PCS - Smoother

We are smack dab in the middle of the peak moving season for military families. Traditionally, it’s May through August. And it happens every two to three years — to mostly all military families. 450 more words

Military Families

Is Cyberbullying a Sign Our Military Community is Imploding?

Why are service members making it a point to create hateful, misogynistic jargon online about military spouses? And what makes military spouses turn on each other creating the same? 663 more words

Military Families

Why Do I Serve Military Families? They're My Family, Too.

Growing up, you always hear stories about soldiers and their families. You see them on TV, in movies, or commercials, but it’s not until someone you love becomes a soldier that you really understand what it means. 447 more words

Military Families

Memorial Day: All Gave Some, But Some Gave All

“Memorial Day is hard… It hurts more than any other day. I can’t exactly say why, other than the obvious, but there is something about it that I just, I feel.” 104 more words

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