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War - "A Sorry Combination of Show Business and Fiscal Stimulus"

Tom Streithorst for American Conservative:

America spends more on its military than all its enemies put together yet it still can’t win wars. Failed adventures in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan have drained America’s power and diminished its prestige. 1,305 more words


America Good - Russia Bad

By Gina Flores

American corporate media are going crazy with the current Russia bad guys narrative. This storyline’s been on steroids since the Trump – Putin summit. 390 more words

Two analyses by Paul Craig Roberts

July 18, 2018

Note by the Saker: As I have mentioned here, I am currently on a road trip and I have very spotty access to the Internet.  3,070 more words


A Freudian Diagnosis

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Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalysis can still be useful :)


Forget Trump: The Military-Industrial Complex is Still Running the Show with Russia

President Donald Trump has strengthened, not weakened, American military and economic opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin. That fact has been mostly unreported and it is of the utmost importance. 663 more words


Canada's contribution to NATO

During President Trump’s Alternate Truth tour of Europe, he scolded NATO countries:

“Many countries are not paying what they should. And, frankly, many countries owe us a tremendous amount of money for many years back, where they’re delinquent, as far as I’m concerned, because the United States has had to pay for them.” 490 more words

Power-point Presentation Showing Flow Of US Arms Globally From 1950 To 2017

The following schematic is intriguing in the way that it demonstrates the changes of destination for US weaponry sold over the last 67 years. If you watch the year counter on the left, you will be able to see how the flow of armaments to certain countries has varied quite a lot over the years. 179 more words